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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Nos. 27, 28

The Need For A Clear Message

The Puerto Rico Constitution: Is It Still Relevant?
AAV Seeks To Lower Ponce Murder Rate…
AAV Seeks To Lower Ponce Murder Rate… Termination Of 10 Pro-Rossello Senator’s Advisers’ Contracts Decried… Parga Blasted For Using Religious Analogy… 80 Schools In Serious Condition… Rosario Honored… $65M FEMA Safe Home Grant… Suspended Senators Appeal… McClintock Queries Unicameral Vote… P.R. In BB Classic Group C… Gov. Opposes Patriot Act
Voters OK One-House Legislature...
Voters OK One-House Legislature, AAV Urges Action… Timberland Closing… Deltona’s Cultural Center… $50M Goya Investment… Rossello On Fortuño’s Resolve, Anti-Statehooders… Fortuño Booed, Praised… Latino Pittsburgh… McClintock: NPPs Measures Drastic… Caricom Opening?… $300M TU Investment … Statehood Movement Threatened, McClintock Unyielding, Rossello Adamant… ''Colonialism''

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
World Baseball Cup On The Horizon; P.R. Loses Its World Group Fed Cup Bid

July 4, 1776
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Puerto Rico Deserves More Attention

  Island Politics
A Brief History Of The Puerto Rico Constitution… The Constitution Of The Commonwealth Of Puerto Rico

Fortuno Latest Member To Start His Own PAC

  The Local Scene

'One-Armed Bandits' To Save Horse-Racing Industry?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Officials Updating Maps Of Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands In Step Toward Creating Tsunami Warning System

  Business • Economics • Finance
Danger: Commonwealth Employees Retirement System Unfunded By As Much As $11B

Commonwealth Pension Plans Are Severely Unfounded

P.R. Native Sworn In As President Of The National Hispanic Caucus Of State Legislators

Manuel A. Villafaña: From Life At The Bottom To A Remarkable Career In Cardiovascular Medicine

Is Prepa Prepared To Take Puerto Rico Into The 21st Century? Electric Energy: The Lifeline Of Puerto Rico’s Economy

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority: The Energy Moving Puerto Rico’s Economy

Retailers Recruiting Bilingual Workers To Tap Into The Increasing Buying Power Of Hispanics


Too Many Ifs Dealing With Death Penalty

  Culture • Heritage • Language

Mural Centerpiece Of Smith Exhibit

Spanish Is Part Of U.S. Cultural Fabric


Adventurers Find Fun As Easy As One, Two, Three

  Sports & Entertainment

Paterson Girl Meets Her Idol; Contest-Winning Fan Puts On Show For J.Lo

Feliciano Proves Worth When Given A Chance

Vet Centers Offer Grief Counseling To Military Families
Era Of Large Scale State Aid Is Nearing An End
  Puerto Rico Profiles

Michele Martinez Has Plenty Of Story Ideas From Her Days As Prosecutor


The Nature Of Artistic Authorship Has Moments Of Vibrancy, But They Are Too Rare

  Congress and the President

Dean: Democrats Must Cultivate Hispanics

The American Empire? Not So Fast


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