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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 25

Signs Of Battle In The PDP

Is the Palm Tree Burning?
Status Is Bush Priority…
Status Is Bush Priority… Rossello Promises Fair Budget For The People… Senate Won’t Approve AAVs Bank Tax… Gov Reorganizes The Police Force… EDB OKs $63M In Business Loans… FAA Funds RR Naval Air Station Study… OSJ To Become A Pedestrian City… Rivera Schatz Won’t Meet With De Castro… HIV Vaccine To Be Studied
AAV Criticizes Proposed Union Solution…
AAV Criticizes Proposed Union Workers Solution… McClintock: So-Called Favors Are Not Illegal… DTOP To Expand AutoExpress… Toledo Urged To Evaluate Resources… Serrano, NOAA Announce Vieques Clean-Up Projects… Rodriguez Confirmed, Ed Secretary-Designate Withdraws… TSA Deploying New Explosives Detection Technology
SIP President Resigns…
SIP President Resigns… Microsoft Expanding… Remembering Villalta, Good Corners… 1-Night SJ Stays Easy… More Boys… New Driver’s License Requirement OKd… Puerto Rican Beats… Prasa Nixes Increase Limit… Song Nonstop To NY, JetBlue Ponce-NY Route… HIV, AIDS Cases Declines… Dems Must Talk Family… Desahogo… Plane Parts Out Of Auction

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Here's Another Thing Puerto Rico Lawmakers Don't Agree On: Slot Machines At The Race Track
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
A Mid Summer Night’s Splash: What The Noche de San Juan Is All About
   Washington Update

Bhatia Rushes To Press On Action By Committee On Which Fortuno Serves... Bhatia Thinks He Is News... Acevedo Administration Promotes Federal Tax Loophole... Senate Committee Votes $39.7 Million For Puerto Rico Water Projects


Living By Our Wits
By Rafael Hernández Colón

Teaching English

  Island Politics
Fortuno Appointed To Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute Board
  Congress and the President  

2nd Circuit's Jose Cabranes Offers Bipartisan Appeal

  The Local Scene
More Taxes On The Horizon: Commonwealth Prepared To Impose $3.48B In New Taxes & Service Charges

Experts Worry Caribbean Isn't Prepared For Storms

   Business • Economics • Finance

‘A Taste Of Puerto Rico’... Stateside Supermarkets Import Puerto Rican Food Products To Cater To Hispanic Households

Mainland Hispanics: Opportunity For Economic Growth

Latino Power On The Rise

No Further BRAC Recommendations Expected For Fort Buchanan

Industry Unhappy About Imminent 100% Rise In Water Rates

Wyeth’s Tygacil Antibiotic Will Be Manufactured In Carolina Plant: Annual Sales Could Reach $1B

Movida, Cisneros, Sprint & Wal-Mart To Launch New Wireless Service Targeted To Hispanics


Dayanara Torres: Moving On With Her Life

   Culture • Heritage • Language

Speak English 24-7? That's Not U.S. History

Publix's New Flavor

Languages Connect Speakers To Culture


A Taste Of Puerto Rico

  Sports & Entertainment
Handing Ball To Perez Golden Choice For Goldeyes

Hear It, And You're Hooked

Miramar Choir Keeps Seniors In Tune, Mostly Hispanic Group Travels County

Woman Becomes A Voice Of Support

A Feast Of Kindness Though Man Sold Bill-Y-Bob's, His Generosity Still On Menu

  Puerto Rico Profiles

Businessman Pits "Passion" Against Obstacles


Marist Students Skip Sand, Offer Help


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