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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 22

The Senate Meltdown

This Is The Week That Was
Rossello Criticizes AAV’s Tactics…
Rossello Criticizes AAV’s Tactics… Sgt. Ramos Killed In Iraq…Gov't Bonds Well Received… Parga: Rossello Should Resign, Rivera Schatz Demands Parga Quit… Almost 10K UPR Students To Graduate… Island At Greater Hurricane Risk… Mets KO Cotto-Beltran Photo… Spanish Speakers Fast Tracked… Anti-Smoking Bill Opposed… Directorate Ratifies Caucus Decision, Fortuño Focused On Resolving Differences
AAV: Vows Special Powers In Budget Impasse…
AAV Vows To Use Special Powers During Budget Impasse… Condom Distribution Opposed… Marketplace Vendors Evicted... NPP Leaders Dismiss Gov’t Budget Claims… Dispute Disrupts Senate Session… Low Recruiting Rates Justified… Hwy Tolls Hike Eyed… Cynthia’s 2nd… PRTC Sale Criticized… Fallen Heroes Remembered… $100K UPR Nursing Grant… Tax Revenues Up… Coalition Fights Death Penalty… Fewer Murders
Rossello: McClintock No Longer Senate Pres…
Rossello: McClintock No Longer Senate Pres… 3.5 Million Have Used UT… Cidra Consent Decree OKd… Anti-Military Group Enters Old Vieques Range… Tiody Outraged… McClintock Relieves 4 NPP Of Chairs… Sila Worsened Deficit… Bathia: Status Report Nothing New… ’La Kalle FM' Launched… ’04 Hispanic Voter Turnout Fell… BNS Expands… Fortuño Supports Rossello, Group Of Senators To Remain Loyal To McClintock

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Golf In P.R. Goes Public, NBA To Return To San Juan In 2005
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Clean, Green and Picturesque: A Peep at What Makes Dorado Golden
   Washington Update

Acevedo DC Aide Continues To Throw Mud At Rossello… Another Acevedo Aide Tries To Claim Credit For Congressional Aid… Report Estimates Bill Would Grant Puerto Rico $69 Million… Young In Line To Chair Homeland Security Committee

  Island Politics

How Irresponsible Or Incompetent Can A Governor Be?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Puerto Rico Struggles With Debt Burden

Spending More Than They Take In Is A `Flaw Of Island Government'

  The Local Scene

Puerto Rican Downturn; Moody's Move Causes 'Circling' of Wagons

  Business • Economics • Finance
Surviving Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Crisis:
With A Commonwealth Government That Spends Too Much & A Fragile Economy, Puerto Rico’s Private Sector Must Rise Up To The Challenge

Lack Of Confidence In Puerto Rico’s Leadership

Commonwealth’s Credit Rating Drops

Nine Major Puerto Rico Drug Manufacturers Report $24.3B In Sales: Make Up 47.8% Of Their Total Pharmaceutical Drug Sales Of $50.9B

Spectacular Sales Alone Not Enough To Attract Retailers: Many Deem Doing Business On The Island Too Expensive

Sol Meliá Kicks Off Construction Of Its Vacation Club’s $15M 1st Phase

Saving The American Dream, Averting A Nightmare

J. Lo's Show Wins Over Crowd At Fashion Week Finale

Pay TV Cos. Delve Into Ethnic Channels

   Culture • Heritage • Language

Camden Candidates Vow Unity

Have You Roasted A Pig Yet?

Telemundo Coaches 'Neutral' Spanish Accent


A Weekend In Sunny San Juan

   Sports & Entertainment

Elder Trinidad Built A Career For Self And Son… The Right Training For This Job

An All-Star Is Reborn

'Crash' A Collision Of Cultures; Accident Symbolizes Human Interaction


Navy Seabee Finds Care Packages Aren't Easy To Get To Iraq --- Mr. Labrada Uses Own Money After Hitting Roadblocks; Changes On Home Front

System Failure Turns Man Into A Victim Twice
   Puerto Rico Profiles
A Nuyorican Who Made Himself An East Village Legend

About As Much Superfund As A Family Can Have

  Congress and the President

U.S. Should Deport Posada, Seek Castro's Terrorists

Bush Budget Will Hurt Hispanic Small Businesses


Are You Ready To Rumba? It's By The Numbers


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