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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 21

It’s The Budget, Stupid

Anybody Want To Buy A "Junk Bond"?
Eleven NPP Senators Favor Rossello...
Eleven NPP Senators Favor Rossello, Burgos Backs Him… De Castro Support Withdrawn, Party Expulsion Sought… SJ Gets $47M Private Investment… Ivan Dejesus?… Police Search Procedures Scrutinized… Support FAIR Act… CUCA: UPR Rio Piedras Chancellor Lies… Negotiations For Senate Helm Confirmed, Can’t Be Shared
Senate Sues Over Referendum Funds…
Senate Sues Over Referendum Funds, AAV Justifies Added SEC Allocation… Toledo Denies Rossello’s Plot Allegations… New Ferry Schedules For Vieques, Culebra… Rossello-McClintock Issue Unresolved… NBA Returns… ATI Marks New Era… Teacher’s Eco Summer… Arroyo On Familiar Turf… AA Low-Fares… McClintock: Don’t Start War Of Complaints
Fortuño: Tax Hikes Not The Answer…
Fortuño: Tax Hikes Not The Answer… Budget Cut Dangers Cited… Villalba To Implement City Tax… Smoother Tax Reform Proposed… Demonstrators Support Soldier… Orange Targets Latin Markets… Sup Ct Rejects AAV Petition… Garriga Pico Backs Rossello… Sanctions vs PDP Reps Rejected… Carmona To Visit Ponce Medical School… Vassallo Chooses VA Tech

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Men's Summer Volleyball League In Top Shape
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Ode To A Fading Song Breed: Notes On The Danza Puertorriqueña
   Washington Update

Congress Report Points To "Commonwealth" Constitutional Problems… Acevedo’s Washington Office Hires DC Firms… Fortuno Beats Acevedo’s Record On Water Project Funding… House OKs Improvements To Existing Facilities At Ft. Buchanan… Fortuno Announces Funds For Historic San Juan Forts

  Island Politics

Moody’s, S&P Downgrade Puerto Rico Bond Rating, Borrowing Costs To Rise… NPP Leaders Blame Calderon… AAV Blames Legislature

  The Local Scene
The Fiscal Slippery Slope
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

East, West Coasts May Face Tsunami Threat


Federal Government Enacts Law Requiring National IDs: States & U.S. Territories, Including Puerto Rico, Will Be Required To Issue Federally Approved National ID Cards By 2008

Dreaming Of The Other Side Of The Wire - American Immigration

  Business • Economics • Finance
Small Businesses Are Making Big Strides: Plenty Of Financial & Technical Resources Are Available For Those Wishing To Start Or Expand Their Own Small Business In Puerto Rico

Surviving In Uncertain Times

Moody’s Assigns Rating To AFI’s $520M Special Tax Revenue Bonds

International Banking Entities: A Lifeline For Puerto Rico’s Financial Sector

R-G Investing $9.2M In 7 New Financial Centers

New Affiliates Add Puerto Rican Flavor To TV Network Fare

ISS & AAC Group: Helping Pharmaceuticals With FDA Compliance

Cotal Annual Meeting To Take Place In San Juan

Government & Cayo Largo Partners In Negotiations

Westin Río Mar Resort Invests $16M In Business-Oriented Services

Shoppers Bag Priceless Experience Before Cameras

   Culture • Heritage • Language

Rock Station Now Targets Hispanics…Radio Tunes In Cultural Uproar

Learning From The Left Coast


Port Of Camp

   Sports & Entertainment

Puerto Rico Heineken Jazzfest Kicks Off June 2nd - Draws Thousands of Jazz Fans

Frankford's Rosado Has Another Field Day

Nuñez Revives The Plena Beat Of Puerto Rico


New Latino Success; Politicians Show Winning Ways In The Suburbs

New Lifestyle Magazine Targets Hispanic Women
   Puerto Rico Profiles
Ex-Menudo Member Is In His 'Elements'

Trio Seeks To Revive Island

  Congress and the President

U.S. Mustn't Let Terrorism Suspect Stay

Bilingual Politicians Gaining Clout


Black Hispanics Struggle For Their Racial Identity


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