Rosselló Says McClintock’s Out For Revenge, He Seeks Caucus To Clear Up Senate Dispute, Burgos Isn’t Backing Him… AAVs Veto Overturned… Carolina To Invest $238M In Public Works… Tsunami Emergency Response Simulated… UNs Indigenous Exhibition… El Museo del Barrio Gala… Milán Suárez, A PIP Founder, Dies… Trinidad Retires: 'Not Continuing' Without Dad

Rosselló Says McClintock Out For Revenge

May 17, 2005
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San Juan (EFE) — Sen. Pedro Rosselló today qualified as an "act of revenge" Senate President Kenneth McClintock’s decision to dismiss the chairs of three legislative committees, all members of the New Progressive Party (NPP).

Rosselló declared at press conference in his office that McClintock’s decision responds to "Sens. Carlos Pagán, Lorna Soto, and Margarita Nolasco’s public expression in favor of the decisions of last Sunday’s Delegates Assembly, at which it was decided he (Rosselló) would become the Senate president.

"I’m convinced we haven’t seen this type of persecution, even in the worst of times," Rosselló said. He added that not even in the Popular Democratic Party delegation (when they were the majority) did they assume such an attitude against NPP legislators.

In solidarity with the deposed senators, Rosselló resigned his position as chairman of the Health Insurance Committee.

Rossello To Hold Caucus To Clear Up Senate Dispute

May 17, 2005
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SAN JUAN (EFE) — New Progressive Party (NPP) Sen. Pedro Rossello on Monday said he would hold a special caucus to address the issue regarding the Senate presidency, despite the fact that current Senate President Kenneth McClintock, not Rossello, is the one who has the power to do so.

Rossello, who is the head of the NPP and of the party’s legislative conference, said he would hold the special caucus whenever he deems it appropriate and when all senators have been informed of what the NPP approved in the assembly.

On Sunday, NPP Secretary General Thomas Rivera Schatz announced that 96.48% of the party delegates who participated in the general assembly on Sunday voted for Pedro Rossello to become the new Senate President.

Rivera Schatz said 50.5% of the 5,160 NPP delegates participated in the assembly, which was convoked by the NPP directorate.

McClintock, however, said 60% of the party delegates were absent from the general assembly.

The event at the Pedrin Zorrilla Coliseum in Hato Rey received a massive support from hundreds of NPP members who showed up carrying banners and posters in favor of the party president.

Rossello became senator for the Arecibo district in January after losing the gubernatorial race to now Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila, of the Popular Democratic Party.

Victor Loubriel, who was elected senator for the Arecibo district, resigned his post so that Rossello could step in.

Burgos Firm About Her Decision Not To Support Rosselló

May 17, 2005
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San Juan (EFE) - New Progressive Party (NPP) Sen. Norma Burgos yesterday said she is holding firm about in her decision to not support Rosselló for Senate president.

She was clear that at this moment, she hasn’t assumed any position in the conflict between Senate President Kenneth McClintock and Pedro Rosselló regarding the position.

Burgos said to journalists that her position is the same one she had on Nov. 4, when she opposed the election of McClintock to head the Senate, the position to which NPP President Pedro Rosselló aspires.

Nearly 2,000 NPP delegates voted Sunday for their party president to lead the Senate, rather than McClintock.

Burgos assured the position she had then and on Nov. 10 is the same one she still has.

The NPP senator added that she is still working for her party’s delegation.

Legislature Overturns Acevedo Vila’s Veto

May 17, 2005
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SAN JUAN (EFE) — For the first time in history, the Puerto Rican legislature has overturned a governor’s veto after the House and Senate approved a joint resolution in favor of the continuance of rehabilitation services for the severely handicapped in Puerto Rico.

The resolution orders the continuance of the Labor Department’s Vocational Rehabilitation Administration services for people with severe physical limitations. It specifically addresses the areas of nursing, lodging, and physical rehabilitation services at the Rio Piedras Medical Center.

New Progressive Party (NPP) House legislators as well as Popular Democratic Party Reps. Lidia Mendez, Jorge Colberg Toro, and Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) Rep. Victor Garcia San Inocencio voted in favor of the resolution.

The Senate–which is also controlled by the NPP–needed the votes of PIP Sen. Maria de Lourdes Santiago and of NPP senators to overturn the governor’s veto.

Even though in favor of the resolution, the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Senate delegation decided against the overturn of the governor’s veto. PDP Senate minority leader Jose Luis Dalmau said this was unnecessary because Health Secretary Rosa Perez Perdomo had already annulled a decision to close the rehabilitation center.

Dalmau said the agency chief had decided the issue three weeks ago.

But Senate President Kenneth McClintock, of the NPP, said that regardless of the resolution, he was glad the legislature had overturned a governor’s veto for the first time.

Even though in favor of the resolution, the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Senate delegation decided against the overturn of the governor’s veto.

Mayor Aponte To Invest $238M In Public Works

May 17, 2005
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San Juan (EFE) - Carolina Mayor José Aponte announced today a capital-improvements program with a $238 million investment for the areas of infrastructure and public works.

Aponte said the investment will contribute to economic and social development as well as tourism during his four-year term.

He explained he assigned $99 million for construction of 37 new projects, three which already have been put out for bids, eight that await permits, 19 that are in the design stage, and four that are being studied for viability.

He added that $62 million will be assigned to improve low-income family housing, construct sanitary and water infrastructure, reconstruct recreational structures, and construct and remodel bridges, mainly in rural areas.

Aponte also announced an aggressive security program and services for infants, youth, and senior citizens.

Carolina’s mayor added that $17 million will be assigned to security and announced the creation of a specialized reserve unit to manage emergencies at large activities.

Emergency Response To Tsunami To Be Simulated In Carolina

May 17, 2005
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San Juan (EFE) - Federal, municipal, and state agencies, private companies, and hotels will participate today in an emergency simulation of a tsunami hitting the shores of Carolina.

The exercise helps different agencies and companies practice their response to a real emergency caused by a tsunami.

During the test, participating groups will react to a hypothetical 7.5 earthquake that has occurred northeast of St. Thomas, which would generate two gigantic waves in the Caribbean.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Puerto Rico National Guard, State Emergency Management Agency, and municipalities of Carolina, Bayamón, Caguas, Guaynabo, and Toa Alta will take part in the simulation.

Indigenous Exhibition Opens At UN Headquarters On 17 May

May 16, 2005
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An exhibition of art and photographs featuring indigenous people from around the world will open with a formal ceremony and reception on Tuesday, 17 May, at 6 p.m. in the main gallery of the General Assembly Visitors' Lobby. The exhibit includes photographs, artwork, artefacts, textiles, beadwork, paintings and sculptures from Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Canada, Easter Island, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Mali, Morocco, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, South Africa, Sudan, Tahiti, Thailand and Western Samoa, and will remain on view through 29 July.

The exhibit marks the fourth session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues being held at the United Nations from 16 to 27 May, as well as the beginning of the Second International Decade of the World's Indigenous People in January 2005.

The exhibit was produced by the United Nations Department of Public Information with the support of the secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. The opening event is sponsored by Tribal Link Foundation.

El Museo del Barrio Gala


May 16, 2005
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The Rainbow Room's views of the city often overshadow the razzle-dazzle of the people gathered in its Art Deco ballroom. Not so on Thursday night, when patrons of El Museo del Barrio threw one of the most festive parties of the year.

The women were beautiful. The men knew how to dance. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, thanks to a guest list that mixed ages, nationalities, and professions. Even senior partners at top law firms did the cha-cha.

What really made the party a success, though, was what's been happening at the museum. El Museo Del Barrio, devoted to Latin American art, is raising its profile with important exhibits, acquisitions, and a renovation of its building that will transform the lobby and courtyard and add a cafe with views of Central Park. The timing is right, as international interest in Latin American art and the market for it is growing. Not to mention the increasing political and cultural influence of Spanish speakers in America.

Though his schedule has started to include jet-setting trips to contemporary art fairs at Madrid and Sao Paulo, the director of the museum, Julian Zugazagoitia, emphasized outreach to the Latin American communities living next to the museum in East Harlem. "A new breed of citizen is being shaped," Mr. Zugazagoitia said.

The museum is also strengthening ties to business and cultural leaders of Latin American countries. The guests of honor Thursday night were a former president of Colombia who now resides in New York, Cesar Gaviria, and the chairman of the Mexican-based Grupo Televisa, Emilio Azcarraga Jean. Both men praised the museum's role in helping Americans understand Latin American culture - first in English, then in Spanish.

At the Rainbow Room, the most enthusiastic salsa dancers tended to be members of the museum's board, such as the chairman, Tony Bechara, and colleagues Carmen Ana Unanue, Gabriella Neri, Ambassador Jorge Pinto Mazal, and Yaz Hernandez.

Mrs. Unanue joined Estrellita Brodsky and Carmen Nelson as co-chairwomen of the event, the museum's 12th annual gala.

Guests included the [former] governor of Puerto Rico, Sila Maria Calderon; artist Gloria Garfinkel;'s fashion director Candy Pratts Price, and the director of the Mexican Cultural Institute, Generoso Villareal Garza.

Fernando Milán Suárez, A PIP Founder, Dies

May 16, 2005
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San Juan (EFE) — The Puerto Rican Independent Party (PIP) announced the death of Fernando Milán Suárez, one of the original founders of this political organization.

Milán Suárez, who with Gilberto Concepción de Gracia founded PIP in 1946, died at 97 of complications from a viral infection, said Fernando Martín, executive president of the political party.

The body of the former independence leader will be at Funeraria Puerto Rico Memorial in Santurce through today, Monday.

After the mass, to be held today, the funeral will be at Old San Juan cemetery.

Milán Suárez was a candidate for governor in 1952 and aspired to be mayor of Aguadilla.

In 1944, he became the mayor of Aguadilla.

Martin remembered that when Luis Muñoz Rivera and the Popular Democratic Party halted the quest for independence, Milán Suárez was among those who decided to go ahead with their ideas through PIP.

In 1946, he founded the PIP with Concepción de Gracia and became a legislator.

Trinidad Announces Retirement From Boxing

May 16, 2005
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Carolina (EFE) – Puerto Rican boxer Félix "Tito" Trinidad last night announced once again his retirement from active boxing.

At a press conference after arriving at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, Trinidad and his trainer/father, announced his definite retirement from the sport.

His retirement was motivated directly by the announcement made by Tito’s father, who said he no longer feels the same passion for boxing.

The former champion explained that after hearing his father’s decision, he made the same determination since he doesn’t want to work with any other trainer and he understands he has accomplished enough in boxing.

"When we were on the plane coming home [to Puerto Rico], we spoke sincerely and my father told me he didn’t want to continue in this job. I always said if he wasn’t with me, I would quit boxing. That is the reason I definitely have decided to retire. If it isn’t my father, I don’t’ want to be trained by anybody else, the former champion expressed.

Trinidad: 'Not Continuing' Without Dad


May 16, 2005
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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- Former middleweight champion Felix Trinidad won't keep fighting without his father, putting his boxing future in jeopardy.

Trinidad, who lost to Winky Wright on Saturday in Las Vegas, said at a news conference late Sunday that his father wants to retire.

''If you aren't here, I'm not continuing in boxing,'' Trinidad said before embracing his father and crying.

Trinidad has held world titles in three weight classes, and had lost just once before Saturday -- to Bernard Hopkins in a middleweight title fight four years ago. Trinidad also retired after that fight.

''I don't feel that I am giving my 100 percent in the corner, as I used to ... Because of this, I feel I don't want to carry on working in the ring,'' Trinidad's father said.

Added Felix Trinidad: ''My father told me at Miami airport what he was going to do, and I reminded him that since I was a kid I told him that the day my father could not be at my side, I would not throw another blow.''

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