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Nameless Caller Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About… Anti-Hispanic Talk Shows People’s Prejudice, Ignorance

Nameless Caller Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

2 January 2005
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This is in response to a "SAYSO" message I read in your paper. I left a "retort" on your line, but I think this deserves more than 30 seconds. I am a new subscriber to your paper as well as being new to the area. My husband took a transfer to Hazelton in October and we reside in Wilkes-Barre. I frankly love it here, except for one thing. A nasty racist phone call that my husband received that was left on his business answering machine. Of course it was left by a nameless individual. By his grammar you could tell he apparently was not well educated, and it was left after hours. If he has received more he would not tell me because I got so angry.

Yes, I know all about racism! I am white and born and raised in the South, my husband is Puerto Rican, born and raised in New Jersey, but for this person’s information Puerto Rico is part of the U. S. If this person is so correct, why did he not leave his name and number so he and my husband could have had a discussion on the issue? My husband could have spoken to him in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian as he speaks all four fluently! He is also college educated and, by the way, paid for his education himself by working hard. He has received absolutely no government help, ever!

And as far as drugs and crime go, every race has its hand in that. For example, while looking for a home in Hazelton, my husband and I walked into a home filled with ... well, lets just say we couldn’t have passed a drug test after being in that home. We saw "blunts" on the counter in the kitchen and the air was full of "pot" smoke. The home was owned by Caucasians! That is correct, not African American or Hispanics — Caucasian.

This country was built by immigrants. Unless your are Native American, by the way that is part of my heritage, we all come from immigrants, and chances are yours and mine as well as the unknown caller’s ancestors did not speak English when they first arrived here. So "Mister Nameless," get a clue before you shoot off your mouth. By the way, if they are working here, they are paying taxes, U. S taxes, in their payroll checks. Think about it!

By the way, Mister Nameless referred to an article about Hispanic business owners. If possible, could I receive a copy of that article? I will frequent these businesses as often as possible!

Jannette Colon Wilkes-Barre

Anti-Hispanic Talk Shows People’s Prejudice, Ignorance

27 February 2005
Copyright © 2005 The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader (PA). All rights reserved.

I wasn’t going to say anything else on this subject of Hispanics because I truly feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. People with this racist mind set will never change their minds. They are going to believe what they want to believe.

For instance, these people say that Hispanics should serve in the military before they are allowed to become citizens.

Do they watch the news and see how many have served in the military? Citizens and non-citizens?

Did they read the paper and see all the Hispanic names that were in that list you had over Christmas? And where are they getting this thing about Bush going to Mexico and inviting all Mexicans to come to the U.S. for "free?"

Anyway, I said all that there is to say about this. Since the company my husband works for opened a business in Hazleton, he has been frequenting a place to get his breakfast sandwich.

He loved the place, and the food. He talked to the people working in the establishment quite often and liked them.

They seemed to like him as well, until yesterday. My husband runs a "temp service," and the people working at this shop were complaining about "Hispanics" working for him, how "Hispanics" didn’t belong in this country, etc., the same old rhetoric they spread in the SAYSO column on a regular basis. At first he said he tried to tell them about how they were willing to work for the low wages that most white people won’t, how they were here legally because he MUST check their paper work.

Finally he said, "You do know I’m a Hispanic-American don’t you?" Of course utter silence! Here is a man they have seemingly liked and gave them business, but now he is "one of THEM." They said, "No! You’re kidding us, right? Where are your parents from?" He said, "Puerto Rico." They said, "That will be $4.75." Turned around and walked away!

I guess that is his last sandwich from that establishment. I just thought this was really sad. As soon as they find out "what" he is, forget "who" he is. And while we are on that subject, these well-informed people say Hispanics cause crime. Have they read the paper and watched the news?

I would say, since I’ve moved here, most of the hard crime has been done by white people.

Now, I am not ignorant enough to say that there aren’t any Hispanics out there participating in crime, but come on, there are "bad people" in every race.

I don’t think we will be segregated when we get to heaven, people, but you sure may have to answer for your intolerance of others.

Or would you prefer not to go to heaven if Hispanics are there? Because I sure know of a lot going!!

Jannette Colon Wilkes-Barre

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