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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 17

The NPP War Over The Senate

McClintock To Rosselló: "Show Your Cards!"
NPP Mayors Favor Rossello For Senate President…
NPP Mayors Favor Rossello For Senate President… Senate OKs Status Measure… Cardinal Prefers 1 House… Mercado Honored… PA Wants 3 Extradited On Murder Charges… The Coquito… Lime OKd To Kill Coquis… $57M More For Public Housing Possible… Gomez Picks MSU… Ricky Martin Makes Tsunami Relief Contribution
McClintock Seeks To End Corp Discrimination…
McClintock Seeks To End Corp Discrimination… Rossello Says Hernandez Denton Decided Election… Drugs Blamed For Spiking P.R. Murders… DOJ Supports Bill On School Metal Detectors… UPR Assembly Ends Amid Shouting, Altercations… 3 Drug, Weapons Groups Broken Up… Ruling Could Impact P.R. Pharmacy Sector… AAV Asked To Consider Illegal-Drug Medication Program
McClintock Turns Down Sen. Presidency Motion…
McClintock Turns Down Motion On Senate Presidency… Fortuño Says ‘08 Talk Premature… Rossello: Senate The Center Of The Government, Marchers Back Him… Billboard Proliferation Costs Million$ In Fines… Puerto Rico Beats Canada… Hanging At The Vine… Berastain HHS Minority Health Advisor… Congress To Analyze El Yunque Legislation… Santini Favors Cruise Incentives

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  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Puerto Rico One Victory Away From Fed Cup World Group
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
The Legacy Of Añasco: Where The Gods Come To Die
   Washington Update

Santini Avoids Meeting with Bush Aide… Bhatia Gives Himself a Party in Congress but Few in Congress Show up… Kennedy Criticizes White House Inaction on Puerto Rico Democracy Issue… Acevedo Again ‘Announces’ Housing Fund Hike Rossello Initiated… Acevedo and Fortuno Agree on Federal Agenda… McClintock Makes Waves with Puerto Rico Consumer Equality Action


Puerto Rico In Search Of Full Democracy
Remarks Of Jeffrey L. Farrow

GOP Senators Want Eastern Wash. As a State

  Island Politics
On the Commonwealth Court of Appeals
By Rafael Hernandez Colon
  The Local Scene

A Look Into The Inner Workings Of Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court

Ships Dump Filthy Waste In Sky-Blue Water

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Flavorings Carry Culinary DNA

Metro Latinos Strive For A Political Voice

Credit Schemes Target Hispanics

New Resort To Rise On Sandy Beach In Puerto Rico
  Sports & Entertainment

Crazy Days Are Over

Young Latinos Get More Chances To Shine


Forest Hill High Comforts Teacher Whose Brother Died In Iraq


Their Ship Comes In: Red Hook Residents Pin Their Hopes For An Economic Renaissance On A Revival Of The Waterfront

  Puerto Rico Profiles
Failure Not An Option
U.S. Owes Vieques A Cleanup Of Its Environmental Contamination
  Congress and the President

Santorum, Fortuno Introduce Puerto Rico Medicare Reimbursement Equity Act Of 2005

What Got So Many Counties To Go Red From Blue In '04?

  Business • Economics • Finance

Puerto Rico Continues Its Epic Battle To Obtain Equal Medicare & Medicaid Treatment For 600,000 Local Beneficiaries

Seeking Equality For U.S. Citizens In Puerto Rico

S&P Disappointed With Lack Of Local Government Consensus

Government Development Bank Speaks Of Local Situation At New York Conference

Protection As Wilderness Area Sought For Part Of El Yunque

Developers Secure $130M Interim Financing For Hotel

New Executive Director & CEO Appointed At PRHTA

Stateside Financial Services Firm Arrives In Puerto Rico

Entrepreneurs Must Innovate To Create Successful Business Ventures

Hispanicad.Com & Adnotas.Com Partner With The Ad Age Group -- To Develop Projects Dedicated To The Hispanic Market


Everyone Wants To Own The Booming Hispanic Consumer Market: P & G Can Offer Some Lessons


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