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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 16

Government Gridlock

The New Pope: The Right Choice?
Rossello Wants To Resolve Senate Presidency…
Rossello Wants To Resolve Senate Presidency… AAV Won't Intervene In UPR Conflict… Death Penalty Decision A Secret… Camuy Factory Will Create 500 Jobs… Former Miss P.R. Gets Probation… SEC Probes Doral…Another Soldier Falls In Iraq… Cultural Policy Board Created… UPR Humacao Students Join Strike
Pope Benedict XVI Congratulated, Welcomed…
Pope Benedict XVI Congratulated, Welcomed… Students Protest Strike Over Tuition… Vieques Residents Call On Political Leaders For Help… Gov Asks Business Support For Nominees… PREPA Clients Face Higher Bills… Prisoners Demand Dialogue… Saving For 1st Home Promoted… Better Vieques Transportation Sought
28th P.R. Soldier Killed In Iraq War…
28th P.R. Soldier Killed In Iraq War… Pope John Paul II Expwy?… Professors Urge Tuition Hike Repeal… Staying Power… U.S. Military Base In D.R.!…P.R. Eatery Coming To Orange City… Fortuño Seeks To Protect Karst Region… Treasury: No Tax Amnesty… Del Toro Won’t Direct Hunter's Rum Diary… The Golden Flower… Ojeda Rios Reward To Be Increased

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  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Justas: Is It A Track Meet Or An Excuse To Party?
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
The Legacy Of Añasco: Where The Gods Come To Die
   Washington Update

Fortuno Wins Bush Backing for Puerto Rico Hospitalization Equality… Vieques Trip Raises Rules Questions for House Democrats… Bhatia Downgraded… Key Opposition Emerges to Keeping Ft. Buchanan in Puerto Rico… Bush to Name Vieques Range Defender Top U.S. Military Officer… Strange Bedfellows


Though Capital Punishment Banned, Some Still Exposed

Room For One More?…If It's So Great To Live Elsewhere

   The Local Scene
Ceiba Struggles For Survival
  Island Politics

How Much More Proof Do We Need?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Health Fair Focuses On Latino Women

The Language Coach Hablas Espanol? -- Private Classes Teach Spanish To Eager Youngsters

From Minority To Mainstream

The Paradores Of Puerto Rico Present Good Value In Charming Settings
  Sports & Entertainment

Who Loves Ya? The Ravishing Roselyn Sanchez Returns In The TV Remake Of Kojak

Latin Caribbean Comfort Zone


Magda Banuchi Excelled As Minister, Mother & Accountant

Holiday Honors Dream Of Puerto Rican Hero


Survey Gives Mayor Low Marks On Job Diversity

  Puerto Rico Profiles
Back Where She Started
Navy’s Flight Base Plan Creates A Flap In Carolina
  Congress and the President

Puerto Rico Seeks To Protect Its Lone Base From BRAC

Richardson Running Again, But For State Or National?

  Business • Economics • Finance

Proposed Commonwealth Taxes Will Squeeze Banks, Other Business Sectors, & All Consumers, Thereby Hurting The Total Economy

Widespread Impact Of Higher Taxes

High Season Ends With Drop In Occupancy…Tourism Co. Promoting Health Tourism

La Rosa del Monte Express: Coming Up Roses Worldwide

Senate Considers Bill To Ban Beach Construction

Puerto Rico Products Association Steers Members To New Global Markets

Mar-Co Industries Succeeds With Contract Manufacturing Injection Molding

Softek Negotiating Large-Scale Software Sales With Latin American Countries

USVI Group Seeking Reparations From Denmark

Latin America Achieves Record Growth

Why Pfizer Is In Puerto Rico…Pfizer Wages…U.S. Tax Amnesty Pushes Eli Lilly Into The Red


Neighborhood's Ability To Elect Own Leaders Questioned After Defeat Of Mendez


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