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Who Loves Ya? The Ravishing Roselyn Sanchez Returns In The TV Remake Of Kojak


January 12, 2005
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STUNNING Boricua actress Roselyn Sanchez has played quite a few police officers throughout her career, including her first-ever film role as an undercover cop in "Rush Hour 2."

"I dont understand it!" she laughs. "Ive played a cop like six times!" Reflecting for a moment, the 34-year-old actress says, "Ive been blessed, though. Ive always played educated Latinas, like teachers and lawyers."

This March, you can catch the 1993 Miss Puerto Rico Petite on the much-anticipated USA network series "Kojak," starring Ving Rhames. Sanchez plays Kojaks fellow detective and his love interest. Initially, she hesitated to accept the role, but upon hearing that Rhames and Chazz Palminteri had signed on, she reconsidered.

As with all remakes, theres no guarantee that audiences will once again be screaming out Kojaks popular catch phrase, "Who loves ya, baby?" Asked if she feels pressured to make the series stellar, Sanchez admits, "Not really. Ving probably does." Stifling a giggle, she adds, "Hey, its his series, not mine!"

The series is her second collaboration with Rhames - she just wrapped "Pool Hall Prophets" with Rhames and Freddie Prinze Jr. Also coming up this year are: "Edison," starring Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and Justin Tim-berlake; Damon Dashs "State Property 2;" and "The Underclassman," where she plays a high school teacher who falls for her student (Nick Cannon).

Although she may be linked to Nick Cannon onscreen, her real-life love is the popular salsa singer Victor Manuelle, who she met while recording their duet, "Noche de Verano" ("Summer Night"), one of the tracks featured on Sanchezs debut album, 2003s "Borinquea."

Releasing the album was a bittersweet experience. The fulfillment derived from realizing her dreams was somewhat marred by the harsh realities of the music biz.

"I never knew the industry was so rough," she confesses. "I wish the label (BMG Latino) wouldve shown my project more support."

Despite meager sales of her solo album, she is hoping to get back in the recording studio over the summer.

Sanchez insists that a walk down the aisle is not in the near future, but Puerto Rico-based astrologers cant seem to stop speculating about the topic.

"One astrologer said we werent going to get married because I wasnt the type of person to change diapers and make rice everyday."

With mock indignation, she adds, "What nerve, right? Victor and I just laugh about it. What else can you do?"

"Kojak" debuts on USA in March.

Roselyn Sanchez, 34, is a busy chica, with several upcoming film projects and a recurring role in the new "Kojak," which will air on the USA network in the spring. (Kwaku Alston/Corbis)


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