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Holiday Honors Dream Of Puerto Rican Hero


10 January 2005
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Hint: Today you'll need to check the Spanish word list below to figure out what some of the sentences mean.

On the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in the United States, most government workers and students get a day off. The same is true for the people of Puerto Rico, an island commonwealth of the United States, because they are ciudadanos estadounidenses.

But they get two holidays in January. Portorriquenos also have one on the second Monday of January so they can honor Eugenio Maria de Hostos (eh-oo-HEH-nee-oh mah-REE-ah deh OH-stohsss), who is pictured above. He was born Jan. 11, 1839, in Mayaguez (mah-yah-GWEHSS), a ciudad on the west side of the island. In 1857, he went to college in Spain to study law.

During his vida, he also visited the United States, Chile and the Dominican Republic. He worked for derechos humanos. He wrote about the rights of all people: black, white, Indian, mestizo, men, women, children, slaves and free people. He said everyone is a peregrino and that we should respect each other.

He died in the Dominican Republic on Aug. 11, 1903. He had written about how he'd like to be remembered: as a person ''who loved truth'' and ''worked for the good of men.''

He got his wish and more: a holiday in his honor. Now you know a little bit about a man who believed in human rights like King did --- and how they shared January cumpleanos.

Now check the words below (which were in the story above) and try to say them:

ciudad (see-oo-DAHD) --- city

ciudadanos (see-oo-dah-DAH-nohss) --- citizens

cumpleanos (koom-pleh-AH-nyohss) --- birthdays

derechos (deh-REH-chohss) --- rights

estadounidenses (eh-stah-doh-oo-nee-DEHN-sehss) of the United States

humanos (oo-MAH-nohss) --- human

mestizos (meh-STEE-sohss) --- people of mixed racial ancestry, especially European and Native American

peregrino (peh-reh-GREE-noh) --- pilgrim, traveler

portorriquenos (pohr-toh-ree-KEH-nyohss) --- Puerto Ricans

vida (VEE-dah) --- life Photo Eugenio Maria de Hostos Graphic Now find the words listed above in the puzzle below. Hint: One is hidden two times.

















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