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Softek negotiating large-scale software sales with Latin American countries

Company is also aggressively marketing its Taxation Equity Program (TEP), used locally for tracking tax evaders


April 21, 2005
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Softek, one of the largest locally owned information systems consulting and software solutions firms, is currently negotiating the export of its government support software applications to several Latin American governments, a pipeline of technology projects in Central America and the Caribbean the company has identified could generate a total $2 billion, revealed Archer Lebrón, executive vice president & managing partner.

Exporting software isn’t new to San Juan-based Softek. The company has sold its pharmaceutical software products in more than 120 companies, said Julián Londoño, company president. Besides the U.S. mainland, Softek has sales bases in both Ireland and Singapore. What is new is the expected scope of these undertakings. Softek is seeking to build business alliances with several Latin American governments to provide software solutions on a countrywide scale. The projects include Softek’s smart card, e-voting, and citizen registration projects. Countries that have showed interest in the products include Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic.

Lebrón said, "Softek presented its projects to the Guatemalan Congress, and there is a $100 million business opportunity there." Softek has already won major bids with foreign Hispanic governments. The Dominican Republic awarded Softek a $62 million contract to automate its electoral process in November 2004. The new system, which Softek expects to implement by 2006, will allow citizens to cast their votes electronically in seven to 10 seconds and allow the results to be available only hours after polling stations close. Softek’s voting model incorporates biometrics to increase the security and transparency of the electoral process (CB Nov. 18, 2004).

Londoño added Softek is also looking to expand its markets to include the U.S. mainland. "We can’t limit ourselves to our region. Our projects can also be exported to the U.S.," he noted.

The company is aggressively marketing to Latin American countries its taxation equity program (TEP), originally developed for the Puerto Rico Treasury Department to track tax evaders. According to Londoño, every country wants this software. "The idea behind TEP is to make taxpaying more equal. By prosecuting tax evaders, the number of taxpaying citizens increases; and, hopefully, the percentage all citizens have to pay will be less. What it does is help the Treasury Department calculate what is the fair contribution for each individual," he explained.

According to Londoño, by exporting software, Softek helps to develop the local economy. "Helping to develop technological industries makes Puerto Rico a vital part of the new world economy," said Londoño, adding, "Puerto Rico needs to create an ‘economy of knowledge’ to be the technology base of the region."

Softek is a privately held, second-generation company initially established to create software applications for specific areas of the pharmaceutical industry. With more than 20 years experience, it now also designs, develops, and implements automated information systems for other manufacturing operations, government, and educational institutions. Today, Softek has clients in three major business areas: pharmaceutical industries (50%), private industries (10%), and government agencies (40%).

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