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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 15

The Drive To Override Acevedo Vilá On Status

St. Peter's Throne -- Who Will Rise To It?
AAV: Don’t Reject Nominees For Political Reasons…
AAV: Don’t Reject Cabinet Nominees For Political Reasons… Gov’t Makes $3m Available To Aid Businesses… SJ Teachers Protest School Conditions… Bhatia Lobbies To Retain 3 Fed Programs… UPR Students Continue Strike, AAV: New Budget Will Help… Ft Buchanan Rally Set… NPP To Send Congress Status Message
Don't Worry, Be Happy…
Don't Worry, Be Happy… Bill To Sweep HI Of Coqui’s Okd, Feds KO $9m Request To Fight Frogs… Gov Wants Legislature To Work On Issues Besides Status… Ceremony For Pope John Paul II Saturday… Jobless Rate Jumps… McClintock: New PDP Status Bill "Unreal"… PDP Won’t Override AAV’s Veto… GI Killed In Afghan Crash
Governor Vetoes Status Bill, NPP Plans Override…
Governor Vetoes Status Bill, NPP Plans Override… AAV Signs Agreement To Strengthen Exports, Supports ASA Director On Water Rate Hike… Good Ferry… Clemente's Son Admits To Steroids Use… Water Rates Could Double… Pentagon Eyes Raising Buchanan Moratorium… SEC Wants Quick Decision On Unicameral Vote… UPR President Defends Tuition Hike

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  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Bike Race Challenges Commuter Patience
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
The Puerto Rican Bloodsport: A Look At Cock Fights On The Island
   Washington Update

Acevedo Veto Takes Puerto Rico Status Issue Off Committees’ Agenda… But Congressmen Still Ready to Act… Co-Chair of Bush Puerto Rico Status Task Force Resigns… Acevedo Aide Focuses on National Program Funding… Acevedo Senate Ally Lott Eyeing Comeback


Profile: Death Of Specialist Francisco Martinez In Iraq

Puerto Rican Government Officials Pay Tribute To Servicemen & Servicewomen Who Have Lost Their Lives In Combat

"Puerto Rico In Search Of Full Democracy"

Lobby Attempts To Buoy Puerto Rico's Statehood Pursuit

  Island Politics

Puerto Rico, U.S. Fight Over Capital Punishment

  The Local Scene
John Paul II
By Rafael Hernández Colón

University Recruits Puerto Ricans From Mainland

Pontifical Catholic University Promotes Education And Values

Grandma Diva: The Accent's On Versatility For Rita Moreno, Still In Top Form At Age 73
  Culture • Heritage • Language

Pontiff Seen As An Icon In The Latin World

'Hispanic First' Becoming Stale…Valenti Takes Seat - Will Retain Her City Council Post

Minority Students Making Big Advances


Where To Find Serenity In Puerto Rican Paradise

  Sports & Entertainment

Artist Has Devoted His Life To Carving Saints' Images

Obie Bermdez Finds A Laid-Back Way To Follow Up His Successful Album `Confesioneos'

More Money, More Problems

The Word's Out: Interpreters Are In Demand; Opportunities Abound In Law, Healthcare
   Puerto Rico Profiles
The Manager Minute: Etienne Font

Navy Plans To Step Up Bombing At Avon Park Range

  Congress and the President

Hispanic Vote May Decide '06 Races

  Business • Economics • Finance

Reshaping The Greater San Juan Metro Area: Capitalizing On The Urban Train’s $2.25b Investment

Cuidad Red: An Idea Whose Time Is Long Overdue

Hacienda’s New Team Is Up For The Challenge

The Evolution Of Popular Inc.

Minor Support To Fort Buchanan’s BRAC Inclusion; BRAC Commissioners Chosen

Citibank Puerto Rico, A Bridge To Hispanic Markets

Alliance For Development Of Puerto Rico Presents Economic / Social Development Plan

Eminent Management To Revive Local Tennis With Major Events Sponsoring Celebrity Professionals

Local Hispanic Immigrants Risking Injury, Death To Work


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