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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 14

Acevedo Vilá’s First 100 days

AAV Implores Legislature To Be Clear In Status Bill…
AAV Implores Legislature To Be Clear In Status Bill… A Happy Place… Inter-Island Long Distance Charges End… MLB Players Born Outside U.S. Jumps… Prison Escapee Caught… Fading Band Of Brothers… 1st Hispanic Investment Conf… New Rules On Taxation Of U.S. Possessions… Cornell Renews Arecibo Observatory Contract… AAV Backs Baquero
Fortuno Asks Congress To Fund Waterworks Projects…
Fortuno Asks Congress To Fund Waterworks Projects… CRB: No Obligation To Hold Constituent Assembly… Gov Will Attend Pope’s Funeral… Validity Of Polls Favoring McClintock Questioned… Students Remember Pope… Kansas' Galindo Plans To Transfer… Sec. Of State Will Lobby To Keep Ft Buchanan Open… Gov’t Cancels 2 Lobbying Firms’ Contracts… Culebra Clean Up Announced
SJ Archbishop Offers Special Mass For Pope...
San Juan Archbishop Offers Special Mass For Pope... Puerto Rico & Cancún… Rosario Is Ready… Roberto Clemente… Hispanic Event Broadens Focus… It Is "La Florida"… P.R. Wants U.S. To Honor Status Vote… Water Rates Could Rise, Milk Could Be Scarce… EPA Fines Ed. Dept. Over Asbestos…Rossello Asks NPP Legislators For Support… FBP Builds Florida Franchise… Unspoiled Oasis Affordable

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Figueroa Wins Hobie Tiger World Sailing Title
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
The Puerto Rican Bloodsport: A Look At Cock Fights On The Island
   Washington Update

Main Vieques Navy Range Defender May Head U.S. Military... Acevedo Aide Misleads Puerto Ricans on Ft. Buchanan Issue... Bhatia Putting Own Image on Governor’s Representation in the States


"Sovereignty Matters"

  Island Politics
Whose Budget?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Blue State Secession

  The Local Scene

Cardinal Aponte Martinez- Says Latin Pope A Possibility… Pope From Latin America Would Make The Region Proud… The Region Whose Time May Have Come

Hole In Puerto Rico's Historic Fort Remains Unfixed

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Taller Puertorriqueño, Marking 3 Decades, Shares Facts & Artifacts From A Culture That Predates Columbus

Multilingual Workshops: College Reaches Out Dowling Demystifies Application For Immigrant Families

Hispanic Births Pass Anglos' In Arizona

Nuevo Latino, Puerto Rican Style
  Sports & Entertainment

Get The Latest Dish On Beltran Here / Speculation On Outfielder Best Served Hot At Puerto Rican Restaurant

A Menu With Rum-Based Recipes Can Heat Up A Gathering


Soldier's Wife Hopes, Worries


Latinos Dispersed, Study Says: Homogenous Neighborhoods Atypical

  Puerto Rico Profiles
My Dear Donor - A One-In-5m Bone Marrow Match Saved Her Life. What Were The Odds They'd Fall In Love?
King Karl; It's No Big Deal, Insists The White House. But Rove's New Duties Will Help Fix Bush's Place In History
  Congress and the President

Bush Proclaims April 14 As Pan American Day, April 10-16 As Pan American Week

Balkanizing Electorate By Skin Color

  Business • Economics • Finance

Commonwealth To Collect Over $1.3b In Additional Taxes In Fiscal ‘06: More Taxes Will Pay For More Government Spending

More Taxes & Spending & Less Capital Investment

The Pontificate Of John Paul II & The Challenges Of The Catholic Church In The 21st Century

Sagrado Reaches Out To Businesses’ Leaders

Popular Auto Launches Boat Financing, Plus Luxury Auto Rental & Leasing Divisions

Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital Looks To Future With New $40m Building

Puerto Rico To Host 39th Victorian Society In America Annual Meeting May 4-8

TransMeridian Airlines To Fly Orlando-San Juan / Orlando-Aguadilla

Multiple Problems Afflicting The D.R.

How To Seize A Gran Oportunidad; Capitalize On The Growing Latino Market With Health-Care, Financial, & Media Companies That Target These Consumers


For Latino Community, AIDS Comes By Way Of Heroin: Miguel Nieves Tells His Story


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