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J.Lo Learns To Go Slow

For `Rebirth,' her confidence grew because she didn't rush the effort.

By NEKESA MUMBI MOODY | The Associated Press

March 9, 2005
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NEW YORK -- While other celebrities took pains to keep their public life under wraps, Jennifer Lopez seemed to relish the spotlight.

"I grew up in New York and was very out there and outgoing. One of my main things was I'm not going to let this business change me, you know what I mean?" Lopez says. "That was always one of my mantras."

Today, though, as Lopez promotes her fashion line and new album, Rebirth, she's sticking by a new mantra -- keep her private life private.

"I don't want to talk about anything that is personal or private at all, because what's the use? You're open with people, and then they try and make a soap opera out of your life," Lopez says.

Lopez took a six-month break from Hollywood last year to regroup. For her, "It was about kind of being alone, and thinking, and realizing that for me it was really a time for me to realize why I was in the business in the first place," she says.

Lopez -- who released five movies and three albums in the past three years -- felt as though she was jamming out projects instead of spending time to reflect on what was right for her.

Lopez made sure her fourth studio album, Rebirth, didn't suffer from those circumstances. The star spent several months on it and had a greater role in its production -- which boosted her confidence.

"I think musically, the first time I made an album, I had never even been in a studio or behind a mike before. The first time I ever sang live was at Madison Square Garden," she says, laughing.

"I've become more confident as a musician and as a co-producer and as a vocalist, whereas before I was a little more insecure, and kind of so worried about people criticizing me for this or that or whatever."


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