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Painter Immerses Himself In 1st Love

Pedro Brull was drawn to painting and drawing as a child. These days the retired pastor is giving art all his attention.

By Beth Browning | Special to the Sentinel

5 December 2004
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KISSIMMEE -- Pedro Brull fell in love with drawing and painting as a child. But his love for art got him in trouble when he used the walls of the family home in Puerto Rico as a canvas.

His father was extremely upset, but that changed when Brull was 14 and a famous painter was so impressed with his bedroom wall that he offered to sign it.

"Having someone famous do that is a form of honor," Brull said.

Today, Brull, 65, paints with oil on canvas, although he occasionally uses Masonite or wood as his surface. His subject matter is a mix of abstract and impressionism.

"You can see the influence of impressionists in my painting," Brull said. "But I change the light. To me that is what changes the form and composition of a painting."

Brull took correspondence classes and then earned a degree from a school of fine art that was owned by the Puerto Rican government.

Brull has always juggled interests. While in college, he worked for a television station as a technician and then was promoted to the graphics department. He was also painting, serving as a pastor and running a travel business with his wife's help.In Puerto Rico, Brull exhibited at shows and sold his work. His paintings are in colleges, universities and private collections.

"I feel it is part of my heritage since several of my family members painted. My aunt attended classes, but my grandfather and other relatives didn't."

Brull's work as a travel agent and pastor required frequent travel, which often included Florida. Six years ago, he moved to Kissimmee. One of the first things he did was join The Osceola Center for the Arts. Now, through the art associates program, Brull's work will be displayed in a city facility in February.

After retiring as a pastor, Brull worked for Walt Disney World for three years. At the same time, he worked for the company that does caricatures at the Disney parks.

When Disney sponsored a show for cast members, Brull entered a painting and won a first-place ribbon. He has exhibited in Lakeland and Winter Park. He belongs to a Latin art group and has exhibited through them at Brevard Community College. He would like more exposure, especially in larger city buildings.

Brull focuses on painting these days and is always experimenting by mixing different media and working on various surfaces.

"Painting is my life," Brull said.

Pedro Brull can be reached at

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