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Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Garners Top Laurels

Agency nabs 2 Grand Prix and 6 Gold awards at recent Caribe 2005 Festival in Panama


March 10, 2005
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Winning is sweet and Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi is basking these days in the glow of its latest triumph.

The agency snatched two Grand Prix–one in radio and the other in print–at the recent Festival Internacional del Caribe (Caribe 2005), reputed to be the most important competition highlighting the work done by advertising agencies in Central America and the Caribbean. Additionally, Badillo Nazca also nabbed six Gold awards.

The competition honors excellence in advertising campaigns and individual ads.

President Erasto Freytes summed up his satisfaction for this latest win simply. "It’s a recognition of the good work we are doing," he said in a brief conversation during which he was joined by creative director Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

Standing out among peers is undoubtedly good for business and there is nothing like awards to motivate a creative team. But Freytes also noted one practical benefit to winning recognition and that’s to give his company the pick of the crop of Puerto Rico’s advertising talent. "It brings us the best talent," he said. "A creative person wants to be working for a recognized agency."

With gross revenues in excess of $100 million, Badillo Nazca is the island’s top advertising agency. It has a creative staff of 25 to 30 people, about 25% of the company’s total force of 120. The creative process responsible for the agency’s advertising campaigns is freewheeling.

"We try to make the creative process subject to the fewest rules possible," said Rodríguez, noting that no fewer than 30 different ideas are considered for a particular campaign and subsequently narrowed down during much brainstorming. Developing a campaign can take from two to three months. "Good ideas don’t come overnight," Freytes remarked.

"It is very challenging and very exciting," said Rodríguez, adding that "just about the sole requirement to work at Badillo Nazca is to be passionate about ideas and about advertising."

The Radio Grand Prix went to Blockbuster’s "Fast Forward" campaign, which included the "I Will Always Love You," "Saturday Night Fever" and "Rocky" ads, while the Print Grand Prix was awarded to the Lexus "Tomás Cruz" billboard. Blockbuster’s radio campaign also won Gold Awards for the "Saturday Night Fever" and "I Will Always Love You" ads and for the Blockbuster campaign. Other Gold winners were the Lexus’ "Tomás Cruz" print ad, the Toyota Tacoma’s "Taxi Driver" (Are you talking to me?) TV commercial, and the Toyota Prius "I miss you" TV spot.

"We wrapped up the year 2004 by being the only agency from Puerto Rico to be chosen among the top 20 agencies in Iberoamérica by El Ojo de Iberoamérica and we were off to a good start in 2005 by winning at the Eagle awards [held in Mexico]," said Freytes. The Caribe 2005 awards ceremony was held in Panama Feb. 26.

Such a promising beginning gives Freytes optimism for the coming months. "Definitely, this is going to be a good year," he forecast. "We expect 8% to 10% in growth."

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