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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 09

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Time For Fiscal Reform

Social Security: Fix It Or Leave It Alone
Iraq Accident Claims 2nd Soldier’s Life…
Iraq Accident Claims 2nd Soldier’s Life… AAV Asked To Be Open To Status Options… Calderon Seeks "Severe Sanctions" vs. El Vocero… UT Expansion Gets Boost…Murders Decline… Ponce’s Tibes Barrio Finally Getting Phones… Santini Opposes Municipal Tax… 2nd Female Soldier Dies In Iraq
AAV Against Congress Defining Status Options...
AAV Against Congress Defining Status Options, Wants Closer FBI Collaboration… NPP Still Divided On Senate Presidency… Picu Chicken Returns To Market… Mandatory Drug Tests For Senators Proposed… Calderon Officials Deny Budget Deficit… Hypocrite Athletes… Fiscal Reform Comm. Wants Public Input… AAV Cuts Immigration From ELA, Dem Gov’s Back Him On Status
Fortuño Dismisses Unilateral Action On Status...
Fortuño Dismisses Unilateral Action On Status, Bhatia’s Letters Unwelcomed… Tito Turns Down Tuneups… Cotto Clubs Corley… Pre-Kindergarten Bill Opposed… Miranda Marin Sticks By 1% City Tax, Court Precedent To The Contrary… Re-Evaluation Of UPR Subsidies Sought… "Independentistas" Decision On Hold… Rossello: Give Congress Deadline To Define Status Issue

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Cotto's TKO Win Over Corley: Was It A Fair Fight?
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Sunday Drives Pt. II: Headin’ East
   Washington Update

Acevedo Obtains Support For Status Plan From Non-Players On Issue… McClintock Explains Acevedo’s Plan Not Democratic Enough… Acevedo Drops Immigration Law Exemption Idea, Contradicts His DC Aide… Fortuno Campaign Manager Named To Bush Political Staff


Fortuño Keynote Speaker At Hispanic Summit

'This Country Understands What's At Stake'; Military Expert Salutes 4 GIs

  Is land Politics
On Unicameralism
By Rafael Hernandez Colon
  The Local Scene

U.S. Agencies Partner On Warning System For Tropical Islands - System Uses Satellites To Track, Broadcast Rain Levels, Landslides

    Culture • Heritage • Language
Spanish Prayers Spanning 50 Years ; Our Lady Of Fatima A Passaic Mainstay

Students Told Being Bilingual Is A Plus


Paradise Found

San Juan, Puerto Rico

   Sports & Entertainment

Tañón Show Vibrant, Energetic

New Latin Music Fuses Many Styles In A Polycultural Jam


On 3rd Tour, Soldier's Luck Runs Out

Shifting Barriers
   Puerto Rico Profiles
30 Years Of Keeping Watch Over Ghosts & Crypts At St. Mark's Church

Fragile ‘Biobays'

  Congress and the President

White House Must Charge Or Free Suspect

GOP Doing More For Latinos

  Business • Economics • Finance

Sales In Puerto Rico: Shopping Centers Among Highest In Sales In The USA; Stateside Investors Buying Them Up

Investors Shopping For Local Malls; Credit-Ratings Agencies Seek Answers

Urban Train Will Operate With A 77.2% Loss Its 1st Year

Local Drug Manufacturing Reached $102.3b In 2004

Amgen CEO Confirms Company’s Commitment To Puerto Rico

Groups & Conventions Turned Off By Puerto Rico’s Lack Of Cleanliness

Puerto Rico A Gateway To Latin America For Chinese Entrepreneurs

GDB Meets With Credit-Rating Agencies

Strong Growth Forecast In Economy, Size Of Hispanic Community

Spanish Immersion About More Than Sink Or Swim'; Dreams Of A Language Magnet School

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