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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 08

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A Call To Washington On Status

A Second Look At Second-Class Citizenship
Fortuño’s Letter To Bush Criticizes AAV's Status Proposal…
Fortuño’s Letter To Bush Criticizes AAV's Status Proposal, Sees Convergence On Issue…… Rossello Denies Ulterior Motive In NPP Leadership Changes… Special Communities Restructured… ASA 1st In Client Complaints… AAV Ready To Testify On Status, Criticizes Municipal Tax Idea… $900k Of Cocaine Seized On Vieques… Maricao Fire Under Control… El Vocero Apologizes
Toledo: Weapons Proliferate Due To Internet…
Toledo: Weapons Proliferate Due To Internet… Amy Back On Top… Health Dept. Won’t Reopen Bariatric Clinic Yet… Senate Will Hold 1st Consumer Conference… El Vocero Settles Calderon Suit… Nursing Students In Decline… El Vocero Settles Calderon Suit… Bomb In Iraq Kills Sgt… Fire Ravages Maricao Preserve… Comptroller Seeks Budget Increase
Rossello, Berrios Have "Productive" Meeting…
Rossello, Berrios Have "Productive" Meeting… Calero Finally Happy… Hot Stuff, Cool Places… Municipal Police Threatened If Claims Ignored… State Forest Designation Would End Mining Exploitation… 3 Former Governors Honored… Rossello, Berrios To Discuss Status… Health System To Be Asessed… CPA’s Favor Sales Tax… El Yunque Measure OK’d… Still In Love, For The Love Of Salsa

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  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Cotto To Defend WBO Junior Middleweight Title
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Sunday Drives Pt. II: Headin’ East
   Washington Update

Fortuno Expects Bush Puerto Rico Status Report "in the very near future"… Acevedo Writes Every Member Of Congress On His Status Proposal… Puerto Rican Leader Criticizes Puerto Rican Who Opposed Cifuentes… Capitol State Statues Proposed For Non-State Jurisdiction

  Island Politics

A Constitutional Assembly To Solve Our Status Issue?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

D.C. Residents Lack Equal Representation - On Par With Puerto Rico
  The Local Scene

Viagra Transforms A Village Once Known For Pineapples

    Culture • Heritage • Language
Visitors Are Enchanted With Puerto Rico's Rich Arts

Puerto Rican Recipes

Siblings Run Market, Cafe With Eye For Excellence


'Door To The Sun' Opens Up Fantastic Deep-Sea Ops

   Sports & Entertainment

Rivera Hopes To Play Off 'Diaries' Success

Feisty Feliciano

Guards' Garden Party


368 Years Of Homeland Defense

Military Police Unit Tells Of Duty At Abu Ghraib After Abuse Scandal

Latinos Turning Focus To Networking
   Puerto Rico Profiles
His Calling Is Keeping Kids Out Of Trouble

Report: Closing Facility Could Hurt Littoral Testing

  Congress and the President

Congressional Hispanic Conference Announces Leadership For The 109th Congress
Ros-Lehtinen Re-Elected As Chair, Fortuño Is New Vice-Chair

Hispanic Men Moved To Bush

  Business • Economics • Finance

Fiscal Crisis: It Looks Like The Commonwealth’s Deficit May Reach $2b!

A Need For Government Reform

Sustainable Development Law Well-Intended, But Too Vague & Ambitious

Culebra International Regatta To Be Held In March

R-G Financial Completes Florida, Georgia Expansion

Lessons From Around The World

Orlando Airport Is Growing Faster Than Miami’s

Port Of Miami Recovering From A Tough Year

Latinos & Lucre; The Race Is On To Win America's Hispanic Consumers

The Latina Paradox: An Opportunity For Restructuring Prenatal Care Delivery

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