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Culebra International Regatta to be held in March

Skippers from Puerto Rico, the U.S. mainland, and the Caribbean expected


February 24, 2005
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The island’s first true international regatta, the Culebra International Regatta Puerto Rico–a full-fledged category C– with two programs, for adults and youngsters respectively, will take place at the recently inaugurated Costa Bonita Resort Villas, March 18 to 20.

During the three-day event, competitors will anchor their sailing boats in areas designated by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural & Environmental Resources (DNER) in Ensenada Bay, said Fernando Zavala, executive producer of the event and partner in FZ Enterprises.

"There have been other regattas held in Culebra in the past, but they were actually Sunday outings around the island; this will be the first time an international regatta has taken place," Zavala said.

Former Club Naútico de San Juan Commodore Ángel Ayala, a sailing enthusiast, will organize the event following the established international rules of sailing. The Culebra International Regatta’s two programs will consist of one for children aged 10 to 18 years, who will race together, and the other for adults over 18 years, who will compete separately.

On-land events, which will take place at the Costa Bonita Resort Villas, include the skipper’s registration and crew meetings, as well as a dinner on the first day of the races. The first event will be a fundraising gala on Friday, March 18, hosted by the skippers of all the vessels and the regatta’s sponsors. Funds will go to the Puerto Rico Sailing Federation.

On Saturday, March 19, the children’s regatta takes place with five sailing divisions competing. It will be held in certain DNER-authorized areas of Ensenada Bay. The adult program will be held the following two days, March 19 and 20, with eight divisions competing. The races will begin with boats departing from Ensenada Bay. The award ceremony and live entertainment will be held after the races on the final day, March 20.

"This regatta will be a great place for those who enjoy the sport to meet sailing professionals like Ayala, who initiated the sport in Puerto Rico," Zavala said. "Culebra International Regatta Puerto Rico is now accepting inscriptions. We have received a great many responses from international sailing enthusiasts, even a group of 19 skippers who sail IC-24 boats, a new boat design, is coming in from the U.S. Virgin Islands," he added.

For more information on the regatta, visit or call (787) 449-3995.

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