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Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño, well known for his desire to see Puerto Rico become a state, believes that the time is now ripe to move forward on that issue. He discusses the mechanisms that should begin to bring it about.

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Volume 9, Number 07

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Sen. Rosselló Reports To Work

The Road To Status: A Bumpy Ride
Rossello: Status Issue Is Legislative Matter…
Rossello Says Status Issue Is Legislative Matter… AAV, Fortuño Work Together On Medicaid, Ft. Buchanan… Toledo Raids Las Gladiolas… Unicameral Vote Canceled… McClintock: NPP Didn’t Pay For Senate Presidency Poll… El Yunque’s New Recreation Area… Comptroller Faults SJ Health Dept… Bush Will Study AAV’s Status Letter
Fortuño Says NPP Wants Rossello...
Fortuño Says NPP Wants Rossello, McClintock Not Budging On Senate Presidency… Pesquera To Advise Toa Baja… Recycling Gets Boost… Army Boots Will Be Made In Moca… Gov’t May Offer Retirement Incentives… Prasa Sued Over Pollution… Moscoso Bridge Taxable In Carolina, Too… Santini Pushes School-Dropout Prevention Program
Acevedo Vila, Fortuño Still At Odds On Status…
Acevedo Vila, Fortuño Still At Odds On Status… McClintock: 1st NPP Caucus With Rossello Is Routine… Save Forest, Parrots… Q&A With Arroyo…Rossello New NPP Senator… Mari Bras: Gov More Attentive To Status Issues… "Statehood Yes Or No" Consult KO’d… PREPA Proposes $1b Expansion… AAV Calls For Cooperation On Taxes, Files Status Referendum Bill

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Tom Hill Savors "Titanic" Victory In Montego Bay
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Go Fly A Kite!: Lajas Gears Up For Its 30th Kite Festival
   Washington Update

Acevedo Lobbies For Federal Support For Status Bill In Local Legislature… Puerto Rican Outgunned For Democratic Vice Chairmanship… Spain Rejects Free Association… Fortuno Elected A House Republican Hispanic Leader… Getting Tattooed For Statehood


An Analysis Of The Fiscal Relationship Between The United States Federal Government And Puerto Rico

  Island Politics
Bhatia Backs Governor’s Efforts To Advance Status Initiative… Fortuño Has Reservations About Proposal… Senate Votes Nay… Berrios Could Mediate Between Acevedo Vila, Rossello
  The Local Scene

Mark’s At The Meliá
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Reading, Writing & Riding A Unique Horse-Racing School Helps Young Puerto Ricans Chase Their Dreams

    Culture • Heritage • Language
'The Turkish Lover': Life Under Control… Memoir Analyzes Bad Relationship

Spanish Take English To Book


Stay In San Juan Before Setting Sail

Island Paradise Offers A Variety Of Lovely Sights

   Sports & Entertainment

Clemente's Home Finale: Last-Second Win

With An Accent On Rock; Young Latin Bands Trying To Find Their Voice And Place

Bacilos Cashes In With A Grin; Recent 'Sinverguenza' A More Ambitious Album


Interpreters Lower Risks In Hospitals

U.S. Prognosticators See Bad Times Ahead
   Puerto Rico Profiles
Architecture Designed Just For The Tropics

General, Governor Tell Strategy To Keep Military Units In Florida

  Congress and the President

Hispanic Caucus Blasts DNC

  Business • Economics • Finance

Can Puerto Rico Taxpayers Continue To Carry Big Government?

Government Must Tighten Its Belt

Convention Center To Open On Time In October

Zoila Levis: A Professional Pioneer

Wal-Mart & Retail Banking Services

Marriott Brings A Renaissance To Condado

Hilton Ponce & Casino’s $120m Expansion Nearly Complete

More Insecurity About Social Security Reform

U.K. Announces Plans To Close British Consulate In San Juan

eSafe To Protect 1/2 Of Puerto Rico's Internet Users

Close Contest Reveals Cultural Rift In Osceola

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