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Talent Search Creates Offstage Controversy

By Magaly Morales

January 31, 2005
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After last year's successful telecast of Objetivo fama (Objective: Fame), the star-search show returned this week to TeleFutura amid a flurry of controversy.

Originally produced by Univision Puerto Rico with the island's viewers in mind, the weekly show has been reformatted to appeal to a wider audience. This has many Puerto Ricans complaining the network continues to "Mexicanize" its productions. Univisión, however, insists the diversification was necessary.

Objetivo fama 2, which premiered at 7 p.m. Sunday on WAMI-Ch. 69, now includes 20 contestants chosen from auditions throughout the United States, including Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Houston, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco, plus San Juan. They are mostly from Venezuela, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Mexican telenovela actor Victor Noriega has taken over the hosting duties. He's joined by Puerto Rican co-host Yizette Cifredo.

Luis Enrique Romero, who leads the Alianza Puertorriqueña de Artistas y Grupos Amigos (Puerto Rican Alliance of Artists and Friends), criticized the appointment of Noriega as host, charging the job should have gone to a local talent.

"It is very disrespectful of Univisión to come here and fill their pockets with the money of the Puerto Rican people and not give [local artists] space," Romero told a Puerto Rican daily. "I'm outraged."

Ironically, the host of the first edition of Objetivo fama was the Nicaraguan salsa singer Luis Enrique (no relation to the APAGA leader.)

The group has issued radio spots voicing its complaint, but the controversy has only served to promote the program.

Prior to the second edition's premiere, the network produced and aired several specials including a "making of" program and another showcasing the auditions.

The reality show will be taped in Puerto Rico, at a specially built house -- a la Big Brother -- in which the contestants will remain isolated for the duration of the show.

The weekly face-offs take place at the Teatro del Parque in Santurce, and will be judged by celebrities.

Throughout the competition, the participants will receive voice and dance lessons. Each week, Latin artists will join the contestants onstage to perform and offer motivation. At the end of each episode, one participant will be eliminated. Viewers can have a say in the outcome by casting votes by phone or text messaging via Cingular Wireless.

The winner will receive a recording contract with Univisión Music.

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