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Gatorade To Invest $1 Million In Advertising For 2005

60% of investment will be dedicated to Carlos Arroyo-sponsored campaign produced entirely on the island


February 3, 2005
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Gatorade will invest around $1 million for the brand’s promotion and advertising, which includes its most recent campaign by Carlos Arroyo, one of Puerto Rico’s national athletes and the fifth Puerto Rican in history to play for the NBA.

"The launching of the campaign coincided with Arroyo’s team change from the Utah Jazz to the Detroit Pistons," said Reynaldo Pagani, marketing manager for PepsiCo Beverages International in the Caribbean.

The production investment for Arroyo’s campaign surpassed $200,000. The campaign was produced entirely on the island through BBDO and affiliates. "The ads were done locally, supporting local productions," said Pagani. "We believe in giving local talent the opportunity, thus the campaign was developed entirely in Puerto Rico."

The Carlos Arroyo-sponsored campaign for Gatorade will represent 60% of the total $1 million media investment.

"Our goal is to continue with the brand’s growth, which has been very good with double-digit growth [in sales] since 1997," said Pagani.

"Traditionally, we have used celebrities such as Michael Jordan, but the truth is that in several years our children will not know who these celebrities are, and we have to look for celebrities who are relevant to them. That is why we chose Carlos Arroyo," said Pagani.

This campaign is also the first one developed outside the U.S. mainland that will present the typically colored sweat ad, traditionally used in stateside campaigns.

The new TV spots include 30- and 45-second ads, which premiered last week. It also will include print media and point-of-purchase advertising materials.

Arroyo’s involvement with the brand will continue throughout the year with the creation of summer promotions in addition to other marketing and advertising strategies.

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