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Resident Commissioner Fortuño’s main objective is to assure that the island is treated equitably in legislation that affects its nearly 4-million American citizens. A mainland Republican, he feels that his voice will be heard since his party now holds the majority in both houses of Congress.

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Volume 9, Number 04

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Rosselló Battles On

Pedro Rosselló’s Quest: Where Will It End?
Governor Presents Security Initiatives…
Governor Presents Security Initiatives…Iraqi War Affects Funds For Island Projects… McClintock Maintains NPP Caucus Majority…Fortuño Lobbies For Urban Train... FEMA Aid Tops $398m… PRIIF Report Will Be Referred To Fed, State Agencies… Low-Income Homeowner Program Successful
McClintock Won’t Share Presidency With Rossello…
McClintock Won’t Share Senate Presidency With Rossello… Toledo Passes On Salary Question… USHCC Honors President Bush… DOJ Miramar Expansion Opposed… Rossello Advised To "Change His Attitudes"… NPP Senators Meet Over Cabinet Nominees… U.S. Will Continue To Seek Death Penalty For Crimes In P.R.
Rossello Is "Senator-Elect" For Arecibo…
Rossello Is "Senator-Elect" For Arecibo… Gov’t Agencies Ordered To Limit Publicity… Santini Promises OSJ Pedestrian Zone… PDP Willing To Share CRIM Power With NPP… Corrada Del Río Resigns… Toledo Asks Comptroller To Investigate Police Finances… Olympic Comm Ordered To Deliver Documents… Superaqueduct Case Headed Back To Court… Pistons Get Arroyo… AAV Insists His Status Proposal Will Be OK’d

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
The End Of The Tale Of Two Carloses: Delgado (Marlins) And Arroyo (Pistons) Both Find New Teams
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico’s Athens Gives Itself To Frolic: Manatí Celebrates Its Patron Saint
   Washington Update

Congressional Advisors: Exempt "Foreign" Dividends From Income Tax… Bush Aide Concerned Governor Would Kill Puerto Rico Status Effort… Puerto Ricans May Not Get Bush Health Plan Benefits… Bush Backs Away From Democracy Promotion Policy… 82% In States Say DC Should Have Equal Votes In Congress


Ricky Martin Travels To Meet Tsunami Orphans; Discusses His Quest To Save Children Of The World

  Island Politics
Puerto Rico Wrestles With Independence Dilemma

U.S. Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty in Puerto Rico

    The Local Scene  
Caribbean Vulnerable To Killer Tsunamis…U.S., Caribbean Seek To Develop Early-Warning Systems
  Culture • Heritage • Language

Bishop, In A Spanish Homily, Celebrates Latino Columbus Day

Latino Writers, Universal Themes


Taste The Nuevo Millennium

  Sports & Entertainment

Usher To Perform On SHOWTIME Live From San Juan

Cintron's Combination Of Skills Makes Her One Of Best In Div. 3

Bacilos Is Still Running Against The Grain

Miracle Baby Joins McGuire Family
   Puerto Rico Profiles
The Raw Truth

PR Professionals Gather To Discuss New-Technology News Distribution

  Congress and the President

Hispanic Presence Rising At U.S. Presidential Inaugurations

Exhibit Offers Candid Look At Presidents

  Business • Economics • Finance

Puerto Rico’s Performance In A Global Economy: Outlook For 2005 Promises Moderate Growth & Plenty Of Challenges

Outlook Remains Cloudy

Puerto Rico’s Tourism Industry On A Roll In 2005

Financial Industry Looking Forward To 2005

Construction Industry Cautiously Optimistic For 2005

Real-Estate Market Optimistic About 2005

Water & Solid Waste Management Biggest Environmental Woes

P.R. & Caribbean Region Rank 5th Among Chrysler Group’s International Markets

Popular Says Justice Probes Ex-Unit…Unsure About Scope Of Probe

Latino Equities On Fire: Broadcasters Lead Way In Sparking Interest Of Investment Firms

Wealth Gap Is Growing Between Hispanics, Whites

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