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Resident Commissioner Fortuño’s main objective is to assure that the island is treated equitably in legislation that affects its nearly 4-million American citizens. A mainland Republican, he feels that his voice will be heard since his party now holds the majority in both houses of Congress.

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Volume 9, Number 03

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AAV: Read My Lips, ‘No Sales Tax’

George W. Bush For A Second Term: How Will Puerto Rico Fare?
Fortuño Fights For Ft Buchanan At Pentagon Meeting…
Fortuño Fights For Ft Buchanan At Pentagon Meeting… Vieques Will Be Added To Fed Clean-Up List… Loubriel’s Resignation Official… Santini Proposes Rio Piedras Rehab…Constitution Ball… Churchgoers… Concessionaire To Run PLA… Pereira: Use Medication For Drug Abusers…Losers Get Legislative Contracts
Tirado To File Appeal For Loubriel Senate Seat…
Tirado To File Appeal For Loubriel Senate Seat… Safety At Fiestas De Calle San Sebastián Encouraged… Acrobatic Scorer… Mercado World's Oldest Man… Efforts Continue To Get Superfund Money For Vieques, Culebra: Their Future Includes Renewable Energy… 3 NPP Reps Back Rossello For Senate Seat… Puerto Ricans Donate Generously To Tsunami Aid… PIP Appeals Aponte Decision
Gov. Names Tripartisan Committee On Tax Reform...
Governor Names Tripartisan Committee On Tax Reform, Tells Cabinet To Cut Costs… New Economic Proposal Ready In 1-2 Months… Construction On Phase 2 Of UT Could Begin Soon, Normal Operation Expected In 2 Mos…. Santini Is Inaugurated… Speechless Beach… New NPP Suit Challenges Election Results… Pell Grant Support Reduced… Tirado Will Take Fight For Senate Seat To Court

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Bernazard: Puerto Rican Is Key Man In Mets Front Office; Mayaguez vs. Carolina In WL Final
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Shoppin’ And Strollin’ Down Calle Del Cristo
  Washington Update

Does Bush’s Goal Of Democracy Around The World Include Puerto Rico?… Acevedo’s U.S. Affairs Director Not Cooperating With Fortuño… Bush Thanks Fortuño But Rumsfeld Has Bad Memories of Puerto Rico… Republican Chairman Says Bush Plan Is Dead, Wants Tax Bill This Year

  Island Politics

The Torch Has Been Passed
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Puerto Rico Talk Fills Air In Humboldt Park; Recent Election Kindles Debate In Neighborhood

Family Feud II

Basques Approve Secession Measure

   The Local Scene

Art By Contemporary Puerto Rican Artists At The MAPR

Managed Care Plan Offered To Medicare Beneficiaries In All Municipalities In Puerto Rico

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Art Imitating Life, From Start To Finish…Capturing The Not-So-Sunny Side Of The Caribbean

Wichita's Hispanic Heritage; Latino’s Speak Eloquently Of The Affection They Feel For Their Adopted Hometown

Survey Shows Arizona Has Nation's Fastest Growing Hispanic Population


Guests Wake Up To Dreamy Offer At Newly Opened Sheraton In Historic Old San Juan

   Sports & Entertainment

A Latino Field Of Dreams

The Music Of Sosa & Cartaya Has '70s Roots

Definitely Not In Kansas Anymore


Student Earns Trip To Capitol

2 Hispanic Groups' Feud Spills Over Into Courts
  Puerto Rico Profiles
NASA Space Medicine Chief Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Reversing Field On Environmental Rules

  Congress and the President

Rep. Serrano Hails Election Of 'Dear Friend' Kenneth McClintock As New Puerto Rican Senate President

Did Hispanics Really Surge To Bush?

  Business • Economics • Finance

With The Highest Murder Rate In The U.S., Puerto Rico Needs Immediate Solutions

Crime Must Be Reduced Now

Bhatia To Lead Commonwealth’s Affairs In Washington, D.C.

Vieques Master Plan Recommends Ecotourism

Marketing Trends 2005–Part Two

Banking To U.S. Hispanics

CHA Marketplace In Jamaica A Big Success

Out Of Reach

Anibal Torres Was Area's Pioneer Of Spanish-Language Broadcasting

Adding Some Latin Flavor; Publix Is Launching A Line Of Store-Brand Hispanic Products

A Month Steeped In Hispanic Heritage

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