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Rep. Serrano Hails Election Of 'Dear Friend' Kenneth McClintock As New Puerto Rican Senate President

January 10, 2005
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WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 -- Rep. Jose E. Serrano, D-N.Y. (16th CD), issued the following press release:

This afternoon, Rep. José E. Serrano (D-NY) hailed the sweeping election of Kenneth McClintock to the presidency of the Puerto Rican Senate. Today, he won the Senate Presidency by a 23-0 with two abstentions. "I am very pleased to congratulate Kenneth McClintock today on his election to the Senate Presidency–this is an excellent day for Puerto Rico!" said Serrano. "I first met Ken when he was 19, and remember being struck by his sense of service, commitment, energy, and dedication. I knew that he was a young man who was 'going places,' and have followed his impressive career closely for the last three decades. He has been an exceptional leader both for the Democratic Party and Puerto Ricans of all political persuasions. I am very excited to work with him as we work to make sure that Puerto Rico gets its fair share of federal help."

Serrano and McClintock first met at the 1976 Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York City. McClintock was a college student and Serrano was just two years into his first term in the New York State Assembly representing the South Bronx. They kept in touch, and met again when Serrano visited San Juan in 1979 as Chairman of the New York State Assembly's Consumer Affairs Committee. McClintock was Director of Personnel for the Consumer Affairs Committee in the Puerto Rican House at the time. The two developed a professional friendship that was strengthened by a mutual belief in both the principles of the Democratic Party and the importance of ending Puerto Rico's colonial status. Over the years, as the men have progressed in their careers, Serrano joining the United States Congress and House Appropriations Committee and McClintock entering the Senate and serving as Chairman of the Federal Affairs Committee, the two worked closely together to ensure that Puerto Rico got its fair share in federal spending.

"Kenneth McClintock is a trusted personal friend with a deep love for Puerto Rico," said Serrano. "I know that he will continue to serve Puerto Rico with distinction, and I will be there working alongside him for the betterment of the island."

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