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Luis Fortuño, Puerto Rico’s New Resident Commissioner, Speaks Out

Part II


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In this second of three video interviews with Puerto Rico’s new Resident Commissioner, Luis Fortuño, the Congressman states that his main legislative objective is to assure that the island is treated equitably in legislation that affects its nearly 4-million American citizens. He is especially interested in federal programs that will stimulate job growth on the island such as the "enterprise zone" plan backed by President Bush. In this wide-ranging discussion of Puerto Rico’s needs over the next four years, conducted in San Juan before he left to assume his duties, he also expressed concern about the negative impression of Puerto Rico held by influential members of the Republican Party as a result of the loss of the U.S. Navy’s training facility on Vieques. As a mainland Republican, he feels that his voice will be heard in debates concerning Puerto Rico issues, since his party now holds the majority in both houses of Congress.

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