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Luis Fortuño, Puerto Rico’s New Resident Commissioner, Speaks Out


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This is the first of three videos introducing Herald readers to Puerto Rico’s new Resident Commissioner, Luis Fortuño, a member of the island’s New Progressive Party (NPP) and a mainland Republican (GOP), who took office on January 4, 2005, as a freshman member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Before leaving Puerto Rico to assume his new duties in the nation’s 109th Congress, Mr. Fortuño outlined his legislative agenda and spoke of the challenges he faces in his new position, especially since the contentious election of 2004 left the island with a split government. In this first segment, the new Resident Commissioner speaks of his surprising victory -- his first in elective politics — and of his desire to bring the four million American citizens of Puerto Rico into full equity with the nation’s nearly 300 million inhabitants, both in economic benefits and in political status.

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