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Rossello Will Take Senate Seat, Try For Presidency…Bhatia To Head PRFAA…Fortuño Sworn In As Resident Commissioner…

Rossello Confirms He Will Take Senate Seat, Try For Presidency

January 5, 2005
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SAN JUAN (AP) – Pedro Rossello confirmed Wednesday that he will occupy the Senate seat vacated by the resignation of Victor Loubriel and also that he hopes to become president of the Senate.

"What I said is this is an occasion where rumor has become reality. There is a vacancy in the Arecibo district and I aspire to take that position," Rossello said in a television interview.

"And also the Senate presidency," he added.

Kenneth McClintock reaffirmed Wednesday that he will not step aside in his run to head the Senate and said he will get the votes of the majority of the New Progressive Party senators to be elected Monday in a Senate session.

Rossello, nevertheless, has met with several senators to discuss his entry into the NPP Senate delegation and his intention to lead the Senate, according to reports.

"I wouldn't say that I have the votes, that hasn’t entered into this consideration," said the former governor, who was defeated in the past election in his bid to return to La Fortaleza.

When questioned about a possible conflict with McClintock, who declined to cede his post to the political leader, Rossello answered, "I think that is an issue we have to resolve. This has nothing to do with personal questions. I respect and admire Kenneth McClintock."

Bhatia Will Be Governor’s Spokesman In Washington


January 5, 2005
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SAN JUAN (AP) – Eduardo Bhatia will be the spokesman for Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vila as executive director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in Washington.

The governor, who made the announcement Wednesday at La Fortaleza, said Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño approved of the nomination.

"Luis Fortuño knows of the nomination and privately expressed to me that he agrees with the nomination," Acevedo Vila said.

For the first time in the political history of Puerto Rico, the governor and the resident commissioner are from different parties, and about this issue Acevedo Vila said " I don’t expect to call Luis Fortuño and give him instructions."

At the press conference the governor also named Hiram Melendez as executive director of the Automobile Accidents Compensation Administration and Nazario Lugo as chief of the State Agency for Emergency Management.

Fortuño Sworn In As Resident Commissioner

January 5, 2005
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SAN JUAN (AP) – The resident commissioner, New Progressive Luis Fortuño, was sworn in Tuesday in Washington, D.C., during a ceremony headed by U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

"I feel honored to have been given this great opportunity," said the Republican Fortuño, who joins a Republican majority in the Congress.

Fortuño was accompanied at the swearing-in by his parents, his wife, Luce Vela, and his 13-year-old triplets María Luisa, Guillermo and Luis Roberto.

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