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Public Buildings Authority (PBA) Spending $152 Million In 12 Projects


October 5, 2000
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This month, the Public Buildings Authority (PBA) starts construction of one police station and 11 schools for a total of $152 million.

The west Hato Rey police station will be at the corner of Eleonor Roosevelt Avenue and La Rabida Street in San Juan. Scheduled for completion by Dec. 2001, it will comply with the American With Disabilities Act.

The police facility will include offices, dorms, communications tower, emergency power generator, and parking for 90 vehicles, at an estimated construction cost of $3.2 million. It was designed by the architect firm Eduardo Molinari and Associates. Muñiz Burgos is general contractor.

The schools will serve nearly 7,000 students in the municipalities of Juncos, Hatillo, Ciales, Barceloneta, Cataño, Dorado, Toa Alta, Aibonito, Comerio, and San Juan.Ten are new construction, while one of them—Juncos’ Clara Maldonado de Aramburu—will be completely remodeled and expanded at an estimated cost of $14 million.

In addition to the usual facilities, the new schools will feature computer labs and rooms for special education.

Hatillo’s Luis Melendez vocational school will include workshops in electronics, refrigeration, plumbing, and construction drafting in addition to art, health, music, language, and computer labs.

Costs of the new schools range from $10.3 million (Toa Alta) to $17.7 million (Aibonito). The schools are scheduled for completion before the end of 2002.

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