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Advertising Industry Celebrates Launch Of Vida Actual

Last week’s debut of the largest circulation newspaper in Puerto Rico deemed a ‘total success’

by CB Staff

September 14, 2000
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Residents of Puerto Rico’s 38 leading municipalities received the first edition of Vida Actual last week, in what the newspaper’s publisher described as a flawless launch.

Vida Actual, the latest publication of Casiano Communications, is now the largest circulation newspaper in Puerto Rico, with more than 689,000 issues mailed directly to people’s homes and businesses through the U.S. Postal Service.

"The response was unbelievable," said Manuel A. Casiano, chairman and editor-in-chief of Casiano Communications. "We were flooded with phone calls from readers all over the island who thanked us for the newspaper and commented on its content and quality. Some didn’t realize it was free and wanted to subscribe and others, who were in the 20% of those municipalities who did not receive it, had seen it and asked to have it sent to them. This was a total success."

The day before Vida Actual was circulated to the general public, Puerto Rico’s advertising industry received a sneak preview during a launch activity at the Bankers Club in Hato Rey. Present were advertising industry leaders as well as clients, all of whom received a full presentation of Vida Actual by Casiano and the newspaper’s sales vice president, Helen Sampedro.

Also present were the Post Master of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean District, John Malave, who addressed the audience to make them aware of the full commitment by the Puerto Rico postal carriers to deliver the newspaper in 48 hours to the full 689,000 households and businesses. Ramallo Printing President Angel Ramallo told the audience that his new staff and equipment at the new 360,000-square-foot plant would continue to turn out the beautiful color quality of the inaugural issue.

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