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Vieques Publicity Campaign Demands "Peace For Vieques"

by Claudio Matos

August 17, 2000
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Source: World Reporter (TM)

San Juan - A publicity campaign, centered on a short animated film, was begun on Thursday with the goal of gathering support for the "Peace for Vieques " protests, Jose "Che" Paralitici, the spokesperson for the All Puerto Rico With Vieques Committee said.

The short 30-second animated film by artist Francisco "Paco" Lopez condemns the "attacks on Vieques " and seeks to offset the campaign initiated by the U.S. Navy, which will invest 25 million dollars into the training mission, according to Paralitici.

He added that neither the Committee nor the residents of Vieques have the amount of money necessary to counterbalance the "offensive, the campaign of misleading information from the Navy, but we do have the necessary human resources needed to make the short film."

In the film, a young girl is walking on a beach in Vieques when she finds a shell, holds it to her ear and hears something.

Immediately she hears a helicopter overhead, bombs fall and a hand, presumably that of a soldier, hits the girl in the head and she falls to the sand. Some people rush to her side to protect her yelling, "No more bombs! Peace for Vieques !"

Paralitici said that the advertisement made in both Spanish and English will be taken to the United States, in particular Washington and New York, where it will be aired by some television stations.

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