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PRMA Conditions Support To Candidates


August 31, 2000
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The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (Prma) urged gubernatorial candidates to adopt the group’s 15-point industrial development program, as the membership will support them according to their support for these measures.

Prma members were also encouraged to adopt zero-tolerance to corruption codes of ethics in the management of their businesses, to promote transparency and end fraud in the public and private sectors.

More than 1,200 members attending the four-day convention at Cerromar Hotel unanimously confirmed the selection of Lucy Crespo, general manager of Hewlett-Packard Inc. in Puerto Rico, as Prma president. She is the first woman to be elected president in the organization’s 72-year history.

Along with Crespo, an uncontested platform of 22 industry representatives was confirmed, covering various regional and manufacturing sectors. For the first time, Prma also voted to create a vice-presidency representing Associate Members.

Prma Executive Vice President William Riefkohl said, "Crespo’s compromise to Prma’s goals and her commitment to expand technology industry-wide was the key element to her selection as president by the Nominations Committee. Her firm belief in preparing Puerto Rico to compete globally and her restructuring of our community outreach programs marked her as a real asset to Prma."

Outgoing Prma President Miguel Nazario mentioned among his achievements for the year, "the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company’s (Pridco) commitment to expand contract manufacturing in the island as well as industrial incentives to attract companies when they convert to Controlled Foreign Corporation status from Section 936. We were also successful in supporting the effort of getting the U.S. Congress to extend the federal tax credit for research and development to U.S. companies operating in Puerto Rico."

Four resolutions were discussed and adopted during Prma’s annual assembly. The first resolution created a Science and Technology Committee to attract new industry and support local manufacturing operations. A second Prma resolution will authorize members to vie in U.S. Congress for the approval of Section 30A.

Prma will also fiscalize the next elected governor and his cabinet on their implementation of industrial development issues that they committed to, reads the third resolution. Prma will share information with its membership, keeping them abreast of the government’s actions regarding manufacturing.

Prma also adopted a final resolution regarding zero-tolerance to corruption within the public and private sectors. Puerto Rico Controller Manuel Diaz Saldaña was the main speaker at one of the events, where he asked Prma members to, "join his efforts to eradicate social habits and practices that deteriorate the moral fiber of business and government."

"We encourage Puerto Rican business to strengthen or adopt codes of ethics, and include in their mission statements the moral values that support the work of investors, executives, employees, workers and everyone else. Executives and employees with a good moral education tend to produce better working systems, are inclined to develop better control mechanisms and have no qualms in establishing better quality procedures, because they are not wasting their time hiding their misdeeds or fraudulent schemes," said Diaz.

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