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Calderon Wants To Stay In A Political Prison While The Rest Of Us Are Looking For Ways To Break Free

August 11, 2000
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To The Puerto Rico Herald

Dear Editors:

RE: PRH 4/32: Calderon Will Not Vote In Presidential Elections, If Approved

During the administration of Governor Rafael Hernandez Colon and under the direction of the mainland office of the Government of Puerto Rico headed by Nydia Velasquez, funds were made available to encourage Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics on the mainland to register and vote. I remember the campaign in Boston, where I was living at the time, focusing on the importance of voting and its relationship to political empowerment in the Hispanic community.

Now Mayor Calderon states "this trivial exercise to legislate for the presidential vote is a ploy and a fraud to the Puerto Rican people."

I disagree with the Mayor. The real fraud is the continued support for the Commonwealth status which equals political slavery. What makes me even sadder is that if Mayor Calderon were given the opportunity to break free of Commonwealth colonialism through first class citizenship in the American federal system, she would choose to maintain herself in chains.

It is partly for this reason that I will asking my friends and colleagues throughout the Island and the mainland to support Dr. Pesquera for Governor.

Puerto Rico needs to continue the momentum begun under Governor Rossello.

A vote for the Mayor will be a huge step for the Island. She wants to stay in a political prison while the rest of us are looking for ways to break free.

Respectfully submitted,

Gene Roman

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