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Many Hypocrites Showed Up In Vieques

May 12, 2000
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Eventually, the "peaceful civil disobedience" acts performed by those in Vieques wound up being, as expected, a monumental act of hypocrisy by the followers of the Puerto Rican Independence Party and the "come fuego" of the different communist parties.

"Peace for Vieques" was never in their minds, except as a bait to lure useful fools. The only thing they had in mind was the national coverage they would get to convey the erroneous message that Puerto Rico does not want to be part of the United States. That is why native Vieques leaders did not take part in the unlawful acts!

The religious leaders that enjoined, known to all as independence advocates, gave a mortal blow to the original plans of the independentistas. They really turned the protest into a peaceful activity that eventually allowed a peaceful removal of the trespassers. Had it not been for the religious leaders, the removal would have been viciously violent.

But so much "peace" could not be tolerated by those "come fuego." They were hurt! So, the demonstration in Buchanan turned into violence, the same at the re-inaugurated federal court house, where they broke the windows of the car taking ex-Gov. Ferré, and those arrested in Vieques continue to act as crybabies because of the way they were "treated". Yep, they break the law and still expect breakfast in bed! Is there a descriptive phrase for this? Yes: Anarchical retro-racism.

And who turned up at the eleventh hour to get camera shots on their way to martyrdom? "Pipulares!" Populares who are really independentistas but their love for the U.S. dollar disallows any definition.


Mario E. Porrata

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