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World Trade Center; Boston Firm Signed Up To Manage World Trade Center

by Daniel R. Garza

May 18, 2000
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The government of Puerto Rico has signed up Boston-based real estate and development firm The Drew Company to manage and operate the island’s World Trade Center, a cornerstone of the planned Americas World Trade District.

The founder and the president of the firm is John Drew, who is also president and chief executive of the World Trade Center in Boston and chairman of Trade Center Management Associates, the company that manages the Ronald Reagan International World Trade Center in Washington D.C.

For the last decade, Drew has been a member of the board of the World Trade Centers Association, which granted Puerto Rico a license to build and operate a center.

Carlos Perez, deputy secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, confirmed The Drew Company had been selected to manage and operate the 210,000-square-foot office complex, and that agreement was signed last week. He did not say how much the contract is worth.

Drew did not return a call seeking comment Monday.

The World Trade Center will be part of the Trade District’s so called Super Block–a $200 million complex of two hotels, retail and entertainment areas.

The government wants the Trade Center to be the focal point of international commerce on the island, housing businesses and organizations directly involved in trade, as well as consular offices.

Under his direction, Drew transformed the World Trade Center in Boston "into one of the premier locations for conferences and exhibitions in New England as well as one of the most active meeting facilities in the U.S.," according to a biography of Drew provided by the World Trade Centers Association.

The Boston Trade Center has a 427-room hotel, a new office tower to be completed by this summer, with another office tower expected to begin construction this summer. The Boston Trade Center, includes nearly 3 million square feet of commercial space.

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