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Propertycentro.Com Debuts Locally Next Month

New website will offer listings of real estate and related services on the island

by José L. Carmona

April 13, 2000
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Responding to local need for real estate information on the Internet, a new website will make its debut next month in Puerto Rico. was designed specifically for the island’s real estate market, according to its creator, Ivy Barines.

"’s goal is to be a directory for everything related to real estate including financing, construction, insurance, contractors, developers, decoration, construction materials, sales, rentals, professional services, electricians, plumbing and much more," said Barines. "You will also find useful tips, links to other websites, a monthly newsletter, even current information on bank’s interest rates."

Barines said the website takes advantage of the phenomenal growth of the Internet in Puerto Rico, while it makes the information available to everyone, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

" harnesses the power of the Internet to provide one of the most complete and economical ways to promote properties in Puerto Rico and everything related to it," Barines added. "It will be an electronic yellow pages for everything related to properties and real estate."

The website will make its official debut in May. Barines stated advertisers have already shown a great deal of interest in advertising on the website due to the growing number of Internet users in Puerto Rico.

It is estimated there are approximately 500,000 Internet users in Puerto Rico, and that number is expected to increase to 700,000 in two years (CB Feb. 24).

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