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Kellogg Serves Up Breakfast In 'Español'

February 25, 2000
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DALLAS -- Have you ever noticed how Tony the Tiger has no problem rolling his r's?

"They're gr-r-reat!" is the line made famous by the mascot for Frosted Flakes. Now, Kellogg Co., based in Battle Creek, Mich., hopes the Spanish version ­ "Son r-r-ricos!" -- will grow just as popular.

The cereal-maker for the first time is manufacturing its most popular cereal in the U.S. Hispanic market with bilingual packaging. The boxes are still blue, and the furry advertising icon is still prominent. But across the top is emblazoned "Zucaritas," right above the traditional Frosted Flakes logo. Nutrition facts are printed in both English and Spanish.

The back of the box has Tony -- named "Tono" in Spanish -- riding a mountain bike. "Mountain biking is a fun and adventurous way to stay healthy," the text says before giving tips for mountain biking beginners.

The information is printed in Spanish, too.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes also has a bilingual version, and, like Frosted Flakes, is available in select U.S. cities, says Kenna Bridges, senior manager of communications at Kellogg.

Kellogg and competitor General Mills are neck and neck in market share for ready-to-eat cereal.

Bridges said Kellogg, which also makes Froot Loops, Frosted Mini-Wheats and Corn Pops, leads the ready-to-eat category among the U.S. Hispanic market, with a 33 percent share.

Golden Valley, Minn.-based General Mills last year unveiled a line of cereal that targets U.S. Hispanic consumers. The Para Su Familia -- or For Your Family -- line was launched in Texas and New Mexico and consists of four cereals: Frutis, Frosted Corn Flakes, Cinnamon Corn Stars and Raisin Bran.

Bridges said U.S. Hispanics spend about $720 million a year on ready-to-eat cereal. Kellogg's annual sales, by comparison, are $6.8 billion.

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