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An Opinion on Rossello's Frustration

7 Aug 1999

To The Editor:

I am an ardent supporter of "Statehood", although most of us originally supported the Commonwealth for cultural reasons. However, I am definitely opposed to any alliances of Puerto Rico with Communist Cuba, or the Third World "Fellow Travelers" of the United Nations, under any circumstances, as an American citizen.

Declaring Puerto Rico a Colony, with Cuba's support, would embarrass the United States before the world community. But Rossello believes it would force Washington's hand on the issue of Statehood. Why he has not been receptive by the U.S. Congress, seems to be a matter of "His Style" rather than "the substance". The present Congress is Republican controlled, and conservatives are strongly opposed to the slightest alliance with Fidel Castro, in any shape or form.

Neither has the White House been receptive to Rossello's petition, because the decision of Statehood, is like a "bouncing ball" in Puerto Rico, and the Plebiscites are not properly conducted or even designed on the "ballots"...This is also partly Puerto Rico's fault. The way the election is presented, the residents haven't been able to make up their minds on the status question. Statehood and Commonwealth supporters are about equally divided, and for them to put in an option - NONE OF THE ABOVE - which is not constitutionally viable, is the best way to "mess up the elections". In an election, you vote for an option -- not for "NOTHING".

Now the "activists" have at last found an issue, and are asking Rev. Jesse Jackson to lead demonstrations in Puerto Rico, demanding the closure of the Naval Base in Vieques, at a time when the U.S. Military Southern Command is being transferred from Panama to Puerto Rico, and the Command is being increased.

Is Puerto Rico now a part of Rev. Jackson's Socialist Rainbow Coalition? Is this another effort to further embarrass the U.S. Government?

When Gov. Rossello learns the protocol of "silent diplomacy" with the Government of the United States on matters of Security and Foreign Affairs, instead of "Third World Politics", I am sure that he will earn the due respect that his office and the people of Puerto Rico deserve. Puerto Rico cannot be a State of the United States, and an alliance of "The Socialist and Communist Third World Countries of the United Nations" at the same time.

When Puerto Rico becomes a State, we won't have to "petition" any more. Our voices will be heard loud and clear, in the Congress and Senate of the United States. That is where our political power lies - whether Democrat or Republicans, we will not be without "political force". The U.S. Congress will abide by the will of the people of Puerto Rico, but it will not try to influence the process, as is the wish of the Governor, who is the head of a political party.

I hope the Governor's successor will have better luck, and a more positive and knowledgeable approach in dealing with the U.S. Congress, and the U.S. Government. To be trusted in politics, one must first be tested.

Art Romero
Los Angeles, CA.

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