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Puerto Rico Panel To Lobby U.S. Over Navy Bombing

July 29, 1999
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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP)-- Puerto Rico's governor appointed a committee Thursday to lobby U.S. officials and Congress to compel the Navy to leave an off-island bombing range.

Gov. Pedro Rossello charged the committee with influencing U.S. public opinion against the war games on Vieques, a populated island where the Navy has conducted live-fire exercises since 1941.

An April 19 bombing accident killed a civilian security guard inside the bombing range and prompted widespread protests against the Navy, which considers Vieques essential to combat training of its Atlantic forces.

Rossello, who favors statehood for the U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico, created an earlier panel that recommended that the Navy abandon the island to Puerto Rico. He presented its findings to a Pentagon commission that is studying the Vieques controversy at President Clinton's request.

Committee members include Carlos Romero Barcelo, Puerto Rico's non-voting delegate to Congress; San Juan Mayor Sila Calderon; Alcides Ortiz, head of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration in Washington; Vieques Mayor Manuela Santiago; Government Secretary Angel Morey and representatives of Puerto Rico 's pro- statehood and independence parties.

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