B (l) In the case of Independence:

(1) Puerto Rico is a sovereign Republic which in the exercise of its inalienable right to independence and self determination has complete authority and responsibility over its territory and population under

Constitution democratically adopted by Be People d Puerto Rico providing for republican form government and the full protection human rights, and subject only to the approval of the People of Puerto Rico.

(2) The Republic of Puerto Rico becomes an equal member of the community of nations vested with the full range of prerogatives which are recognized to all independent states by the nations including: the power to establish fiscal and monetary, immigration and international trade policy, as well as the choice of currency; the right to enter into treaties, including economic, commercial, and tax treat treaties to establish relations with other nations and to participate in international organizations.

(3) The people of Puerto Rico shall be citizens of the Republic of Puerto Rico

(4) The rights of individuals in Puerto Rico to benefits acquired by virtue of services rendered or contributions made to the United States shall be honored by the United States.

(5) A Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation defines future relations between Puerto Rico and the United States in matters of mutual interest pursuant to their respective constitutional processes, and with respect to which the Congress hereby expresses its support for the following principles; an economic transition period, including a Development Fund financed by annual payments based on the present level of Federal spending in Puerto Rico; free trade between both nations; free transit of Puerto Rican and U.S. citizens between both nations; and the demilitarization of Puerto Rico

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