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Commissioner Carlos Romero Barceló appreciated President Bill Clinton's support to the Young Bill, which is geared towards decolonizing Puerto Rico.

The President's spokesman said that he is interested in resolving the status issue of the island because "it is our highest priority related with Puerto Rico's affairs," and he added that he is, "totally committed in working with the Committee on Resources, the House of Representatives, and other groups of Congress and selected leaders from Puerto Rico to establish the decolonization process as soon as possible."

"I never had a doubt of the real and serious commitment of the White House," said Romero Barceló. "The President not only supports the measure, but he understands and hopes the bill will resolve the status issue next year - when we will celebrate 100 years of being a colony."

Jeffrey Farrow, Director of the Interagency Working Group on Puerto Rico, represented the President. He explained Clinton's position to provide Puerto Rico with serious options and is committed to support the status with the majority of the votes on the island.

"The language that the majority of the American citizens have used should not be a barrier to the complete participation of the Federal system, if it is what Puerto Ricans wish", said Clinton.

The comments made by Clinton demonstrate the seriousness of resolving this issue both in the House of Representatives and the Senate, said Romero Barceló who exhorts Puerto Ricans to learn more about the historical process taking place.

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