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Puerto Rico’s role in the defense of the nation since the beginning of the war on terrorism initiated after the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Volume 8, Number 53

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The Era Of Divided Government

Puerto Rico’s Best of 2004: You Decide!
Calderon: I Put Puerto Rico "On The Right Track"…
Calderon Claims She Put Puerto Rico On The Right Track… Roberto Clemente Jr., In Tribute To Dad, Sending Aid To Tsunami Victims… Arroyo Is Not To Blame
PIP Claims Senate Spokesman Position…
PIP Claims Senate Spokesman Position… Ferry Crash Injures 18… Univision Buying 2 TV Stations… Comptroller: Irregularities In Governor’s Report… Biodiversity Institute Established… Ricky Cites Heroes… Lacoste Sues 24 Merchants… 23rd Soldier Killed In Iraq
Acevedo Vila Officially Declared Governor-Elect…
Acevedo Vila Officially Declared Governor-Elect… McClintock Insists He’s Next Senate President… Pro-Vida Attacks A Federal Judge… Water Strike Ends; 4,000 Return To Work… 3 Kings Arrive Early… Yanks Impress Beltran… "Parranda''… Homicide Rate Hits 8 Year High… Malave NSU Pharmacy Dean… U.S. OKs $4.5m In P.R. Disaster Aid

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Scenes We’d Like To See In 2005
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Ringing In The New Year, Boricua Style
  Washington Update

New Governor To Press For Exemptions From U.S. Laws… U.S. Constitution Programs Required In All Educational Institutions

  Island Politics

First Modern Republican Resident Commissioner Ready to Represent Islanders’ Interests: Puerto Rico Herald Interview With Luis Fortuño, Part One Of Two

    The Local Scene
Toughness & Fresh Face Helped Anibal Acevedo Vila Win Bitter Election… Says Violence Is #1 Problem, Wants U.S. Troops Out Of Iraq

New Year's Eve Injuries Caused by Celebratory Gunfire… Americans Urged To Leave The Guns Locked Up


Is Death Penalty A Solution?
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

His Blurry Photos Bring Clarity To The Plight Of Puerto Ricans
  Culture • Heritage • Language

Feliz Navidad, Manos; Grimes, Blodgett Schools Share Spanish-Speaking Celebration

'Botanica' Delves Into Spirituality, Capitalism, Latino Street Shops And The Gods We Trust

Police Say Latinos Often Have Misconceptions


Taking It Easy In Puerto Rico

  Sports & Entertainment

Latin Beat Will Turn Up The Heat

Moseley Is Still Riding High

Reaching Out To Aid Latino Populace
UCF Rethinks Its Latin Studies Program
  Puerto Rico Profiles

The Deserter For 34 Years: He Was Somebody Else, Until An Alert Cop Changed All That


Navy Leads Combat Refit: Bringing Rumsfeld's Vision Of 21st Century Warfare Into Reality

  Congress and the President

Hispanic Cabinet Choices Seen As Part Of Outreach

  Business • Economics • Finance
Economic Year In Review 2004: Sluggish Growth & Plenty Of Politics

Enough With The Rhetoric–Puerto Rico Needs Action

P.R.’s FY ’04 Imports Register $5.1b Increase, Highest In A Decade But Worst Year For Exports, $95.1m Decrease

The Fight For Equality In Medicare Topped Health Industry Concerns In ’04

Fast-Rising Oil Prices Led Energy News In FY 2004

Security A Major Concern For Technology Sector In 2004

Caribbean Attitudes Optimistic

Hispanic Directory Attests To Growing Population

Puerto Rican Brothers In The Christmas Tree Business

Caribbean Economy Highly Dependent Upon Coral Reef Health, Report Says


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