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Volume 8, Number 52

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Puerto Rico’s Water War… Acevedo's Apparent Win Ushers In Split Government

Feliz Navidad! Who Gets To Open The Big Present?
Acevedo Vila Prevails In Recount…
Acevedo Vila Prevails In Recount… Fortuño Ready To Assume Role As Resident Commissioner… Hard Rock Cafe To Reopen… McClintock Proposes Elimination Of Supreme Court Age Limit… End Of Water Strike Is In Sight, IAU Amenable To Gov’t Recommendations
Appeals Court Rejects NPP Request To Rehear Disputed Ballot Case...
Appeals Court Rejects NPP Request To Rehear Disputed Ballot Case, Reconsideration Was Called An "Uphill Battle"… PIP Is Close To Reinscription… Acevedo To Nominate Cabinet, NPP Legislative Majority Ready With Own Mandate… Gov’t, IAU Explore Water Strike Impasse Alternatives… Input On Coral Reef Protection Sought
Calderon: "No Wish" To Replace Strikers…
Calderon: "No Wish" To Replace Strikers; IAU Ready To Go To Court, Acevedo Asked To Intervene… Elite Athletes Get Over $3m…UT Debuts… IAU Faces An Ultimatum… Winterfest’s ‘El Morro’… Soldier Who Refused Iraq Duty Is Declared A Deserter… Health Dept. Forms Agreements With States… Rossello To Ask Court To Reconsider, Unsure Of Appeal

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
2004’s Greatest Sports Moment: Puerto Rico’s Defeat Of U.S. In Olympic Basketball
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Ringing In The New Year, Boricua Style
  Washington Update

Puerto Rican Backed for Democratic Party Vice Chair… Puerto Rico Paper Glosses Over Calderon Administration Record… Recount Changes Result of Governor’s Race


Wake Up Silent Majority
By Manuel A. Casiano

Violation Of U.S. Citizens Voting Rights

   Island Politics 
The Responsibility Of Those Who Have Power
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

Puerto Rico Voters Have Spoken

   The Local Scene

Commuter Train Aims To Relieve Puerto Rico Traffic Snags

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Puerto Rico's Tiny Saints

Chefs Carmen Gonzalez, Jordi Valle & Edgar Leal Prepare Ceviche

English As 2ND Language: Classes Boom


Puerto Rican Trip Floats Memories Of Tropical Cuisine

   Sports & Entertainment

A Winning Recipe

Bernie Williams Has Discovered He's A Musician At Heart

Young Latino Designers Poised To Make An Impression


The Art Of Social Work

Survivor Calls Capital Punishment 'Madness'
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Teen Speeding Her Way To Become A Doctor

Rep. Serrano Plays Santa: Secures Over $17m In Federal Funding For Local Projects & Vieques

  Congress and the President

It Is Time To Tone Down The Rhetoric

Hispanics & Univision Make Huge Impact On Election Night

  Business • Economics • Finance

Person of the Year
Private Sector: Alfredo Volckers, Executive Vice President, Pavia Health; Public Sector: Manuel Diaz Saldaña, Puerto Rico Comptroller

Men With A Mission

Empresas Fonalledas To Build Its First Residential Development

Oil Prices: Fear Factor For 2005

Miami Conference Focused On Caribbean And Central America

Retailers Are Enjoying Christmas

The Federal Reserve, Taking It In Stride

The News Gets Through When 'Brown' Goes Yellow

A Taste Of Home For The Holidays

Pursuit Of Minority Teachers May Be Wrong Pursuit

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