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Rep. Serrano Plays Santa: Secures Over $17m In Federal Funding For Local Projects & Vieques

Rep. Serrano Secures Over $17 Million In Federal Funding For Local Projects & Vieques

23 November 2004
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WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 -- Rep. Jose E. Serrano, D-N.Y. (16th CD), issued the following press release:

This weekend, Rep. José E. Serrano (D-NY), the only Member of Congress from New York City on the House Appropriations Committee, secured $17.9 million in federal funding for nearly 50 projects in the 16th Congressional District in the Bronx, as well as $1 million for a restoration project on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

"This year's bill provides much needed resources to a number of institutions and community organizations that improve the lives of Bronx residents," said Serrano. "I am proud to be able to deliver for our community, and will continue to fight for New York's fair share of federal funding."

"Congressman Serrano has been very supportive of us and so many other worthy groups in the Bronx and it is in large part due to him that we have been able to grow and flourish as a non-profit health care provider," said Verona Greenland, President and CEO of the Morris Heights Health Center, a local community-based health care provider that received an earmark grant secured by Serrano in the omnibus bill. "This is going to help us to transform this part of our neighborhood into a viable community by providing jobs and expanding our health services to those who need it most, namely seniors and children."

"Congressman Serrano made me smile this evening and created miles of smiles when he called to tell us that Casita Maria would receive $100,000 for job creation-related activities in 2005 through the Small Business Administration," said Lue Ann Eldar, President and CEO of Casita Maria, a community organization that provides after-school and summer programs for at-risk youth. "Our organization is seventy years old and we want to be around another seventy years and beyond. To do this, we have to be relevant. And this is just the type of visionary support that keeps us delivering services that are of importance to the community. On behalf of Casita Maria and a very grateful community, we applaud Congressman Serrano and his efforts!Without him, we realize this grant would not have been possible."

The funds, which Serrano obtained directly through earmarks in appropriations bills, are in addition to millions of dollars in competitive grants that federal agencies make to organizations in the 16th Congressional District in response to grant applications for which Serrano provides assistance and support. They are also in addition to hundreds of millions of federal dollars that flow to the 16th District every year to support housing, nutrition, education, law enforcement, transportation, environmental protection and improvement, and other vital governmental activities.

Projects receiving funding include modernization work at the Arthur Avenue Retail Market; the High Bridge Rehabilitation Project, which will rehabilitate and reopen the historic High Bridge over the Harlem River; Regatta Park, part of a 3 1Ú2 mile greenway along the shore of the Harlem River in the Bronx; connecting the Bronx River Greenway from Westchester Avenue to East Tremont for walking, cycling, skating, and hiking; and improving transportation facilities and the Conservation Institute at the Bronx Zoo.

Other projects included funding for Bronx River restoration; community programs at Bronx Shepherds; at-risk youth programs at the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center; Youth Ministries; the City Parks Foundation; Lehman College; Sistas and Brothas United; Woodycrest Center for Human Development; and Casita Maria, as well as funding for the Health Disparity in the South Bronx Study.

In addition to these local earmarks, completely listed below, Serrano was able to secure funding for environmental restoration on Vieques island, Puerto Rico by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Serrano is a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, which is the source of funding for agencies and programs across the federal government. He serves as the Ranking Democrat on its Subcommittee that funds the Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the federal judiciary, and several independent agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Small Business Administration, Legal Services Corporation, and Civil Rights Commission. He is also the third ranking Democrat on its Subcommittee on Homeland Security.

The following is a list of the programs and community organizations, loosely categorized, for which Congressman Serrano helped secure funding for fiscal year 2005:


Example: Much needed funding for the historic preservation of esteemed architect Stanford White's college complex at Bronx Community College. The monies will be used for upkeep, renovation, and preservation of 100+ year old buildings of particular historical and architectural merit at the College.

Other arts projects receiving funding through Congressman Serrano:

* Pregones Theater

* Puerto Rican Traveling Theater


Example: Promesa Enterprises, a key player in the economic revival of some of the neediest parts of the South Bronx, will receive money to continue its successful funding of start-up businesses and ongoing community-based businesses, assisting them with management expertise, equity and debt capital, and corporation services such as payroll and accounting assistance.

Other community / business development projects receiving funding through Congressman Serrano are:

* Arthur Avenue Retail Market

* HOGAR, Inc.

* Promesa Foundation

Urban Market Development: Garden Mosaics and Urban Agriculture (Cornell University Cooperative Extension / Bronx) EDUCATION / YOUTH PROGRAMS

Example: Funding for Sistas and Brothas United, an organization that works with youth in the Northwest Bronx to serve as an alternative to the draw of gangs and drugs in the area. It has an active after-school peer tutoring program that matches the participants with students from Fordham University and Manhattan College, as well as high school honor students. In addition to academics, the program also provides leadership training and exposure to organizing campaigns, and direct action to help build the capacity of young people in their neighborhoods.

Other educational and youth programs receiving funding through Congressman Serrano are:

* Bronx Shepherds

* Casita Maria

* City Parks Foundation - Bronx

* Fordham University Regional Education Technology Center

* Fordham Youth Ministry

* Hostos Community College/ Columbia University/ Serrano Scholars

* Lehman College Youth Leadership Training Institute

* Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center

* Phipps Houses, Community Technology Center in West Farms

* Pro Co Technology Computer Training Center

* Woodycrest Center for Human Development

* Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice


Example: The Bronx River Greenway, a long term project that seeks to make the Bronx River corridor a space for biking, hiking, walking and skating for Bronxites young and old. This year, Congressman Serrano has secured funding for a "Central Link" for the Greenway between Westchester and East Tremont Avenues, in the West Farms area of the South Bronx.

Other environmental projects receiving funding through Congressman Serrano are:

* Bronx Community College, Center for Sustainable Energy

* Bronx River Restoration - National Marine Fisheries Services

* Cornell University Cooperative Extension Bronx Projects--Urban

* Silviculture, Urban Market Development / Garden Mosaics

* Crotona Park (NYC Parks and Recreation)

* Health Disparity in the South Bronx Study

* National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Vieques cleanup

* Orchard Beach (NYC Parks and Recreation)

* Regatta Park, Harlem River Greenway (NYC Parks and Recreation)

* Soundview Park (NYC Parks and Recreation)


Example: The creation of a comprehensive Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Health Program to be located at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center's Third Avenue ambulatory site. This program will provide comprehensive services to the Bronx adolescent and young adult population including a teen pregnancy program, sexually transmitted disease clinic, immunization and primary care services, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, health education, and teen parenting classes.

Other health care organizations receiving funding through Congressman Serrano are:

* Morris Heights Health Center

* Family Support Systems Unlimited, Inc.


Example: The Presbyterian Senior Services Grandparent Family Apartments program is a new and innovative project that will fill a much needed gap in housing needs in the South Bronx community for grandparents raising their grandchildren. To qualify for housing in these units the adult must be 62 or older and the children under the age of 17 and related to the adult. On-site there will be support services, activities, and 24-hour security for the residents.

Other projects receiving funding through Congressman Serrano that provide substantial support for seniors (each is also mentioned elsewhere in this document) are:

* Bronx Shepherds

* HOGAR, Inc.

* Morris Heights Health Center

* Thorpe Family Residence, Inc.


Example: The Urban Justice Center, a not-for-profit legal services organization that provides free legal and advocacy services to homeless and marginally housed individuals throughout New York City.


Example: The Health Disparity in the South Bronx Study, that builds on the important South Bronx Air Pollution Study, will examine the causal factors for the asthma rate disparity in the South Bronx, offering data and analysis for policy makers as they seek solutions to the South Bronx's asthma crisis.

Other research projects receiving funding through Congressman Serrano are:

* Bronx Community College, Center for Sustainable Energy

* Bronx River Basin Ecosystem Restoration Study

* Bronx Urban Silviculture Study, Cornell University Cooperative Extension

* Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College

* Conservation Institute at the Bronx Zoo


Example: The High Bridge Rehabilitation Project, seeking to reopen the historic High Bridge over the Harlem River, reconstructing the pedestrian promenade, securing the expansion joints, repainting the central steel arch, restoring the railings and other iron elements, and the stabilization of the aqueduct pipes.

Other transportation projects receiving funding through Congressman Serrano are:

* Arthur Avenue Retail Market parking facility

* Bronx Zoo Inter-Modal Transportation Facility.

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Serrano Plays Santa With 18m


1 December 2004
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New York Daily News

THE MASSIVE omnibus budget bill passed by Congress last week was laden with $15 billion in pork-barrel spending, and the House delegation serving the Bronx managed to bring a few slices of that bacon back to the borough.

Rep. Jose Serrano (D-South Bronx) sits on the powerful House Appropriations Committee and was instrumental in securing nearly $18 million in federal funding for local projects, as well as $1 million for a restoration project on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

"This year's bill provides much-needed resources to a number of institutions and community organizations that improve the lives of Bronx residents," said Serrano. "I am proud to be able to deliver for our community."

Arthur Ave. will get a $1.2 million makeover, and $700,000 will go to Regatta Park, the first phase of a 3.5-mile waterfront greenway along the Harlem River.

The High Bridge Rehabilitation project will receive $1 million to restore and reopen the pedestrian promenade linking the Bronx to High Bridge Park in Manhattan.

Serrano also assured funding for the study of health disparity in the South Bronx, a followup to the South Bronx air pollution study. The new research will attempt to determine the causes of the South Bronx's high rate of asthma.

The Bronx Zoo will get more than $2 million for two very different projects. A new $1.2-million Conservation Institute will bring together academics, field researchers, policy analysts and others in a think-tank environment to guide the zoo's worldwide conservation efforts. And an additional $1 million will fund an intermodal transportation facility to ease traffic and parking congestion around the park.

Federal money also was earmarked for the restoration and maintenance of the historic architecture of Bronx Community College's University Heights campus, which includes the 104-year- old Hall of Fame for Great Americans, designed by renowned architect Stanford White.

The college also will receive additional funding for its state- of-the-art Center for Sustainable Energy.

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-North Bronx) helped nail down half a million dollars for programs helping at-risk youth in the Bronx. He also secured $300,000 for Montefiore Medical Center, and $260,000 for a rehabilitation center at the Hebrew Home for the Aged.

Rep. Joseph Crowley represents a district that includes Co-op City, a sprawling Mitchell-

Lama complex recognized as one of the largest "naturally occurring retirement communities" in the nation. Crowley (D-West Bronx) secured $250,000 to fund a pilot project for Alzheimer's sufferers and their caregivers at Co-op City's Gloria Wise Senior Center.

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