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Volume 8, Number 49

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More Than A Governor’s Election May Be At Stake

"A Flawed Voting System: Should It Change?"
Vote Recount Begins Again...
Vote Recount Begins Again, New Facilitating Measures Adopted… Striking IAU Workers Disrupt Governor’s Xmas Party… UT Debut Set… ASA Will Implement Final Offer Rejected By Union… Rivera Schatz Allowed To Testify… Calderon Says Melecio’s Testimony Is "Unheard Of"… PDP Challenges Integrated Votes To Counter NPP
Gracia: It’s "Difficult" To Keep Control At SEC…
Gracia: It’s "Difficult" To Keep Control At SEC… Dominguez Justifies His Silence On PDP Request, Acevedo Criticizes Judge For Delay In Deciding Case… Recount Is Paralyzed Yet Again, Judge Refuses To Extend Court’s Jurisdiction… Proposed Vieques "Megaprojects" Denounced… Whale Beaches Itself & Dies… Rum Sales Add $350m in Taxes
Recount Of Votes Resumes; PDP Will Obey Federal Order…
Recount Of Votes Resumes; PDP Will Obey Federal Order… New Vote Controversy Arises… NPP Ordered To Respond To PDP Appeal, Party Gathers At Federal Court… Thousands Demonstrate, Organizers Happy With "March For Dignity"… ASA Has $200m Budget Deficit… Calderon Remains Unbeaten… A GI’s Happy Thanksgiving…FirstBanCorp Buys Unibank

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
From Veterans To Rookies, Winterball’s A Grab-Bag Of Talent
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
A Jaunt Through Vieques’ Wild Wild West
  Washington Update

Puerto Rico Status Bill Will Need House GOP Majority Under New Rule... Acevedo Tries To Hide Setbacks In Spending Bill... Bush May Implement Clinton-Rossello PR Housing Agreement... Recount Could Lower Fortuno’s Rank In House... Wall Street Journal: Don’t Count Puerto Rico’s Double-Marked Ballots

  Island Politics 

Our Democratic System Is Under Siege
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Pedro Rossello v. Sila Calderon, Civil No. 2004-2251 (DRD)

Suarez Jiminez v. Comision Estatal de Elecciones, Civil No. 04-2288 (DRD)

Where Is Puerto Rico Headed?

Birth Of Columbus Day

   The Local Scene

Island Reaches Out To Mainland Puerto Ricans

Blue Flag Clean Environmental Certification Campaign Begins

  Culture • Heritage • Language
Christmas 'En Mi Pais': A Banco Popular Musical Special

Latino Portrait Exhibit Is Must-See

Strategies Needed To Aid Latino Pupils

Latin Touch Strikes Chez Henri…Fried Treats A Tasty Reminder Of Home… Caribbean Place Offers Items From 3 Countries


Dancing The Salsa All Night & Day

  Sports & Entertainment

Rivera Truly Rugged; Veteran Guard Loves Playing For Packers

David Sanchez Finds Classical Inspiration; Saxophonist's New CD With Czech Orchestra Widens His Scope


Lifting Up Many Voices

  Puerto Rico Profiles
Career Soldier Awaits Next Move. More War, Or Maybe More Rank
Tourists Moving Into Vieques After Navy Ships Out
  Congress and the President

Hispanics For Jorge… Latino Vote Is Swinging To Right

Does The Hispanic Vote Signal Trouble For Dems?… Democrat Slams Kerry on Hispanic Outreach

  Business • Economics • Finance

Water Lock:
When It Comes To A Reliable Water Supply, Management Incompetence At Prasa May Not Be The Biggest Problem

The Problem That Never Goes Away

GDB Rakes In $250m In Short-Term Deposits

Local Video, Cable, & Film Industries Lose Millions To Piracy

Local Company Wins Las Américas Port Design Contract


Hispanic Workers' Safety Is Focus Of Summit

Pride Or Prejudice? Skin Tone Consciousness Sparks A Backlash

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