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Cimadevilla Named Vice President, Editor In Chief

After five years at the helm of CARIBBEAN BUSINESS, he takes on broader role at Casiano Communications; Elisabeth Roman to run day-to-day operations as CB editor


November 25, 2004
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Manuel A. Casiano, chairman of the board of Casiano Communications Inc., has announced the appointment of CARIBBEAN BUSINESS Editor Francisco Javier Cimadevilla as vice president of Casiano Communications and editor in chief of the business publications division, including CARIBBEAN BUSINESS, the Book of Lists, and the CB White Pages directory.

In his new role, Cimadevilla will undertake broader responsibilities in the management and representation of Casiano Communications, assisting the chairman. Cimadevilla will also be developing a greater exposure on television for CARIBBEAN BUSINESS and Casiano Communications through a project currently being negotiated. Casiano declined to give further details on the TV project.

"Francisco is a great asset to this company. For five years, he’s been an excellent CARIBBEAN BUSINESS editor. He has attained a level of exposure and recognition among the business community and in society at large on which we feel we can capitalize in different ways, much beyond the day-to-day running of our newspaper," said Casiano. "We have some exciting and aggressive growth plans for 2005 and beyond, and his past government, business, and legal experience will be of great help to this company achieving its goals."

"I am most excited about the growth the chairman has planned," Cimadevilla said. "We’re convinced there’s a great deal of pent-up demand for higher-quality programming on television and high growth in other areas of media and marketing. I look forward to the challenge."

For the past six months, Cimadevilla has been a regular panelist on Prensa Libre, a weekly general-interest commentary program airing on Channel 40, a Public Broadcasting System affiliate owned and run by the Ana G. Mendez University System. Casiano said he expects Cimadevilla’s participation on that program to continue.

Cimadevilla also said he’s looking forward to his continued involvement with the company’s business publications, including writing frequent columns for CARIBBEAN BUSINESS.

Casiano also announced the appointment of Elisabeth Roman as CARIBBEAN BUSINESS editor. Roman has been associated with Casiano Communications for more than 15 years, having served as a CB reporter and throughout the years as editor of several large, very successful projects of CARIBBEAN BUSINESS.

She was also publisher and cofounder of Panorama 21, a news magazine that was highly praised for its excellent editorial content.

"Elisabeth is a very experienced business reporter and editor. She was one of the best reporters we ever had in CARIBBEAN BUSINESS and has done an outstanding job as editor of our special publications and projects. We’re delighted she’s accepted the challenge of running the CARIBBEAN BUSINESS editorial department," said Casiano.

"It’s really an honor to take on that challenge," said Roman. "In one way or another, I’ve been associated with this newspaper for so long that it’s really a great satisfaction to accept the responsibility as editor to maintain the high-quality standard of business journalism that has characterized CARIBBEAN BUSINESS during its 31 years of existence," she concluded.

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