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Bioterrorism; Puerto Rico Department Of Health Orders Decontamination And Bioisolation Systems

October 16, 2004
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2004 OCT 16 - ( & -- TVI Corporation (OTCBB:TVIN) announced that The Puerto Rico Department of Health has placed a $1.7 million order for TVI mass decontamination and bioisolation systems.

The order, processed by Fisher Safety through the federal Prime Vendor Program, will outfit all 43 healthcare facilities throughout Puerto Rico with advanced mass decontamination and remote bioisolation capabilities.

Program coordinators of the U.S. Department of Health were impressed by the features that have made TVI products the major system of choice worldwide. Features such as rapid deployment, portability (while the shelter is erect), unmatchable durability, and simplicity of use and maintenance distinguished the TVI systems from other competitors during the evaluation process.

Compatibility was also a factor that contributed to the purchase. Last year, The Island Departments of Emergency Management, Environmental Protection, Transportation and Emergency Medical Services purchased TVI decontamination and operations shelter systems through federal grants from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Health and Human Resources Administration (HHRSA).

With these and the most recent procurements, Puerto Rico has achieved island-wide system compatibility and has enhanced its overall response capability throughout the region. The neighboring U.S. Virgin Islands have just recently completed in-service training of their TVI systems.

U.S. Virgin Islands Program Coordinator, Wayne Bryan, of the VI Law Enforcement Planning Committee (VILEPC) stated, "I'm pleased that Puerto Rico selected TVI Corporation. We have regional mutual aid agreements in place and all regional responders will be familiar with the equipment during an incident. We look forward to training with the equipment during several inter-island drills that are planned in the upcoming months."

"We are extremely pleased with the size of this procurement and the fact that Puerto Rico has decided to combine patient isolation systems and decontaminations systems with their order," stated Rick Priddy, TVI Corporation's president and CEO. "We believe that the market for patient isolation may be larger in magnitude that what we've seen in decontamination and we'll continue to aggressively pursue these and other areas of first responder systems."

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TVI Corporation (OTCBB:TVIN) is a supplier of rapid deployment shelters and chemical/biological decontamination systems for the military, public health and first response agencies.

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