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Puerto Rico’s role in the defense of the nation since the beginning of the war on terrorism initiated after the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Volume 8, Number 47

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Underestimating Acevedo Vilá

The Recount: A Death Of A Thousand Cuts
Lawyers For PDP, NPP Battle In Court Over Ballots…
Lawyers For PDP, NPP Battle In Court Over Ballots… Hastert Welcomes Fortuno… 200 Boricua Soldiers Headed To Middle East… Water Strike Negotiations Break Down… Miami PR Cultural Festival Kicks Off… Parties Must Submit Ballot Arguments… Fortuño To Consult NPP On Acevedo Status Proposal… El Escambron Wins Blue Ribbon
Rossello: Fear Drove PIP Vote For Acevedo…
Rossello: Fear Drove PIP Vote For Acevedo… McClintock Creates Appointment Screening Unit… NPP Must Explain Basis For Vote-Count Suit… 1st Int’l Merengue Festival - 11/24… Bush Hails Fortuño… Flu Shots On The Way… Calderon: No Budget Deficit Regrets… Hispanic Voters… $3m Monthly Spent On Medicines… NPP Requests Feds, Ramirez Asks Bush To Investigate Elections
Fortuño Begins D.C. Transition…
Fortuño Begins D.C. Transition… McClintock: PDP, NPP Platforms Have Similarities… PR Looks To Discovery Day… Voting's Languages… Ruiz Stands His Ground… Gracia Decides Mixed-Vote Ballots Are Valid… Millions Lost To Tax Evasion… NPP Seeks Election Analysis After Vote Counts… Police Corruption In Public Housing Denounced… SEC Sued Over PIP Reinscription… Clemente UM Signee

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Ruiz Retains WBA Heavyweight Belt, But Not With Style, Kessler Stops Siaca
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
Eatin’ Where The Cows Used To Roam: Hato Rey Dining At Its Best
  Washington Update

Fortuno Makes A Splash In Washington… Washington (State) Finished With Governor’s Race Count

  Island Politics 

Coup d’etat
By Carlos Romero Barcelo

Polarisation Will Remain A Feature Of Commonwealth Politics

   The Local Scene
Governor's Race Keeps Puerto Rico In Suspense

College Of Physicians & Surgeons Join Lawsuit Against Health Plans


High Court To Rule On Tuna Can Case

  Culture • Heritage • Language
6 Artists Earn Honor Of Island's Approval

Latino Parents Decry Bilingual Programs


Experience Puerto Rico's Exciting Lelolai Festival Program

  Sports & Entertainment

Arroyo Returns – Bigger Than Ever…He’s Excited… A Throwback

4 Guys Named Jose... and Una Mujer Named Maria

NBC Sees A Crown Jewel In A Spanish-TV Also-Ran

Saying Si' To Scouting
Top 10 Cities For Hispanics to Live In
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Carlos Martinez… Noemi Rodriguez… Luis Pagan… Wendy Cruz

Tourists Discover Pristine World Of Island The Navy Once Bombed

  Congress and the President

Bedrock Values Tap Votes Of Hispanics

Hispanic Vote Should Increase Focus Southward

  Business • Economics • Finance

Hybrids Are Here To Stay:
Buyers Are Losing Their Initial Fear Of Gas-Electric Technology In Vehicles

Transition Woes; The Hybrid Challenge

Global Sales Of Pharmaceutical Drugs Made In P.R. Up 1.8%

Softek Nabs $62m Contract To Implement Electronic Voting In D.R.

The Challenges Of Execution Within A Flexible, High-Velocity Environment

Family Fulfills Bookstore Dream Spanish-Language Titles & Coffee Create Cultural Center

Behind The Smile; Can Poor People Be More Self-Satisfied Than The Rich? New Clues To An Old Mystery

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