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Puerto Rico’s role in the defense of the nation since the beginning of the war on terrorism initiated after the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Volume 8, Number 46

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The Case For An Immediate Recount

Countdown To The Recount: Will We Know By Christmas?
NPP Candidates File Lawsuit Over Vote Count…
NPP Candidates File Lawsuit Over Vote Count… Over 2,300 Boricua Soldiers Active In War, GI To Be Buried On Island… New Governor Will Inherit $550 Deficit, 1st Public Gov’t Transition Session Begins… Calderon Will Govern Until Successor Is Named… Study: More Puerto Ricans In US Than On Island
Acevedo, Aponte, McClintock Clash…
Acevedo, Aponte, McClintock Clash Over Voters’ Mandate… Resident Comm. Transition Begins… Gracia Hopes Courts Don’t Block Vote Count… Meningitis Epidemic Is Under Control… Tourism Co. Will Promote PR In Latin America… Suspect Outwits Police… U.S. Senators Push To Protect El Yunque… IAU Leaders Pessimistic About Negotiations
Vote Count Begins, NPP Will Go To Fed Court...
Vote Count Begins, NPP Will Go To Fed Court To Challenge SEC Decision… 60% Of Election Certificates Have Errors, Commissioners Say… 21st Puerto Rican Killed In Iraq… Cotto, Bailey To Fight…Delgado Weighs Options… Nat’l Reg. Nominates Edificio del Valle… 28,000 Votes Have Yet To Be Counted… UPR, Union Reach Labor Pact… CRB, Fortuño Put Aside Their Differences

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Puerto Rico Winter League Is Island’s Most Underrated Show, Boxing Notes
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
The Corner Beauty Beckons: Aguadilla Celebrates Its Patron Saint
  Washington Update

Puerto Rico Government Offices In States Say Acevedo Was Elected... Congressman Calls For Status Task Force Action

  Island Politics 

Shared Government In The Public Interest
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

SEC To Count Remaining Ballots In Governors’ Race

Fortuño Will Use GOP Connections To Benefit P.R.

Puerto Rico At A Crossroads On Status

  The Local Scene

Puerto Rico Aides: Urban Train May Open Soon; US Disagrees

  Culture • Heritage • Language
When Children Find Their Faith

'This Is Mother Nature's Religion'; Once-Secretive Santeria Faith Brings Its Healing Message Into The Open


Puerto Rican Cuisine Gets Raves… Passion For Flavors Raul's Basks In Bold, Authentic Cuisine

  Sports & Entertainment

Ruiz’ Personality An Odd Match In The Ring

Hispanics Rise To The Top Of Hip-Hop… Latinos Out To Get Their Rap Back

Beisbol: La vida Latina: Players On Way Up Find Themselves A Long, Long Way From Home

Police Detective Makes History
Seeing Social Work Anew
  Puerto Rico Profiles
Obie Bermúdez Comes Clean About Ups, Downs… Telling Stories, Fusing Pop-Rock & Tropical

Unspoiled Vieques Contemplates Its Future

  Congress and the President

Dems Fell Short In Effort To Woo Hispanic Voters

Hispanics Resist Racial Grouping By Census

  Business • Economics • Finance

A House Divided:
The Next 4 Years Don’t Need To Be A Waste If The PDP & The NPP Deliver On The Long List Of Promises Their 2 Platforms Have In Common

A Bipartisan Economic Development Agenda

Santini To Be Aggressive About Bolstering Tourism In Capital

Know Your Multicultural Shopper: Ethnic Marketing Is Now Part Of A Successful Retailer's Most Basic But Ever-Changing Strategy

Man Recalls Struggle To Disarm Intruder

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