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Puerto Rico’s role in the defense of the nation since the beginning of the war on terrorism initiated after the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Volume 8, Number 44

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After Tuesday

Down To The Wire!
Governor's Race In Virtual Deadlock...
Governor's Race In Virtual Deadlock... Acevedo Certified Preliminary Victor, Recount Ordered…Prats Concedes To Fortuno… Santini Reelected Mayor Of San Juan…NPP Wins In Legislature…FBI Raids Homes Of Union Leaders… Serrano Beats Mendez…Total Acquires PR Gas Stations…Fortuño Will Look To Modify Vieques Pact
Puerto Ricans Return Home To Vote…
Puerto Ricans Return Home To Vote… Transition Process Begins For Calderon… Teachers Say Vieques Schools In "Crisis"… Prepa Launches Back-Up Plant For Vieques… US Appeals Court Will Sit Locally… Health Dept. Says Water OK, Despite Strike… Las Américas Port $3m Under Budget… Rossello To Fight For School Vouchers
Edgar Wins Clemente Award…
Edgar Wins Clemente Award… Water Strike Negotiations Resume… PR 2nd In Murder Rate For U.S. Jurisdictions… Vieques Civil Disobedience Case Returned To PR… More Acts Of Sabotage At ASA Facilities… Bhatia Outlines Plans For 1st 100 Days… Medications Monitored Under Patriot Act… New Program Will Help Heroin-Addicted Prisoners
Cabranes, Sotomayor On Kerry’s A-List...
Cabranes, Sotomayor On Kerry’s A-List… Aznar Meets With Calderon, Defends Bush… The Nifty 50 Of Places To Go… Lugo: Feds Took IAU Negotiation Documents, Governor Denies Involvement In Raid… SWMA Threatens To Sue SJ… USPS Will Honor "Churumba" Cordero… Beltran Keeping Options Open… Candidates Stick To Campaign Themes In Final Debate

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat
Bruseles, Ruiz And Calderon All Step Into Ring This Month, Paraguayan Golfer Sets New Standard
  Sights, Sounds And Tastes Of Puerto Rico
The Corner Beauty Beckons: Aguadilla Celebrates Its Patron Saint
  Washington Update

Ex-PR Governorship Rivals Help Kerry, Fortuno Tries to Help Bush... Acevedo’s Record in Congress... Why Ted Kennedy Is Supporting Acevedo... Can the Democrats Win The Senate?… Puerto Rico Gets Crayon Color


On The Nature Of Commonwealth VI
By Rafael Hernandez Colon

  The Local Scene
Getting Down To Dollars & Cents: As A State, Puerto Rico Could Receive Over $40b A Year In Federal Funds, More Than Double The Amount It Currently Receives

Ireland vs. Puerto Rico

   Island Politics 

In Puerto Rico Race, It's Old Vs. New

Debate Over Sales Tax Continues As Election Looms

Island's Roman Catholic Leaders Come Down On Rossello… Archbishop Urges 'Pro-Family' Votes

   Hot Button Issues
Down To The Wire!
   Public Opinion
Orange County A Perfect Microcosm Of Split US Electorate; Whoever Swings This Key District In Florida Stands A Good Chance Of Winning The White House… Party Lines Not A Factor In Puerto Rican Vote
  Culture • Heritage • Language

Hispanic Community Is A Desirable Cipher To Kerry & Bush… 7 Million Latino Voters -- And Counting… Changes Help Spanish-Speaking Voters

The Sparks Of Senator Mendez

Diagnosis For Creativity


The Flavors Of Enchantment Culinary Weekend

  Sports & Entertainment

Star Quality In A Former Miss Universe

Band Brings Sound Of Puerto Rico To The Folk Festival… Some Like It Hot

Chayanne: 25 Years Of Stardom… Drummer Eddie Rosado's Music Teaches Lessons In Culture

A Cherished Reunion; A Father Celebrates Having His Sons Home From Their Military Duties
The Spanish-Speaking Heritage Of Florida Now Reflects All Of Latin America, From Politics To Parks, The Shift Is Profound…More Likely To Vote Issues Instead Of Party
  Puerto Rico Profiles
For Aging Rebel, Path Leads To The Polling Booth… Rolling Up His Sleeves; Christian Tirado Strives To Help Latinos In Syracuse

Green Champion: A Teen Teaches Environmental Practices To Children In Puerto Rico

  Congress and the President

Over 336,000 Puerto Rican, Hispanic Voters Registered In Nation's Largest Nonpartisan Voter Initiative To Play Pivotal Role In Election

Both Sides Count On Hispanic Vote…Could Hold Key To A Win…GOP Approach… Bush, Kerry Campaigns Target Florida’s Minorities

Democrats' Ads Zero In On Puerto Rican Voters… Money Talks… Up For Grabs… Will The Sleeping Giant Awaken?

  Business • Economics • Finance

The Cost Of Democracy: Over 2M Voters Will Elect A New Government. The Island’s Most Important Democratic Process Will Have Cost Taxpayers $77m

Making It Better

Prepa Lowers Oil Prices To Reflect Decrease In Customers’ Electric Bills In September

Funerals Get Hispanic Touch Homes Use Spanish-Speaking Workers, All-Night Visitation Rooms & Kitchens To Reach The Booming Market

Vain New World
"Pay to the Order of Puerto Rico"

Pay To The Order Of Puerto Rico
The Cost Of Dependence To The American Taxpayer
By Alexander Odishelidze And Arthur Laffer


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